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Tam Le

Penrith City Council

“Penrith City Council decided to Purchase the Steamaster Buster Pressure Cleaner after getting quotes from three suppliers for different models and brands this unit and others were tested and the staff preferred this model because it’s robust design and with a 3000psi pressure output gives exceptional performance. This unit has a stainless steel diesel fired…
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Blacktown City Council Testimonial

“Blacktown City Council has purchased cleaning equipment from Steamaster product range during last 24 months since 2006 in seven occasions. Steamaster products are found to be of high quality and staff is found to be honest about their products both in terms of quality and service. I admire their attitude towards the customer, which I…
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Randwick City Council

“At Randwick City Council we were looking for a better, faster service and more convenient and that the location was close. After checking with Steamaster referees we decided to do business with them. Their service has always been excellent, very fast and efficient, with further follow-up to make sure that we were fully satisfied with…
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Bankstown City Council1

Bankstown City Council Testimonial

“We, at Bankstown City Council, have three Steamaster high pressure water cleaning units operating and are satisfied with their effectiveness and reliability. We are very happy with the level of service that has been provided, especially when this has been out of hours. We have also been impressed with Steamaster’s willingness to make the extra…
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Stephen, Sydney Carpet Clinic

Around 2 years ago I took a redundancy from QANTAS and I started carpet cleaning. I didn’t really know much about the job and I didn’t know anything about the equipment. I came to Tam looking for help and he gave me a lot more than help; he have me knowledge, he gave me guidance, he also gave…
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Trevor, Concrete Pressure Cleaners Testimonial

I’ve been in the building industry about 25 years. The basic format of my job is concrete cleaning, brick cleaning and ceilings and coatings. With Tam, I’ve dealt with him over the last 18 years and as far as professionalism goes, he’s been outstanding as far as equipment and servicing and I thoroughly recommend him.
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Troy, True Blue Steamaster Australia

Hi, I’m Troy from True Blue Steamaster Australia. We’re a family owned business. We’ve been operating for five years. We are 100% Australian owned and operated. We’ve been working with Tam at Steamaster for the last 18 months. We’ve found him nothing but helpful. Every time we need assistance, he’s there, directly on the call, or if not…
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Zahi, Prestigo Cleaning Services Testimonial

Hi, I’m Zahi from Prestigo Cleaning Services. I found Steamaster from my friend. He brought me here. They are so friendly. I’m so comfortable with them and they are always worried about me. They always call me if I need any help. And his products are perfect. Even the chemicals… I always use them. Hopefully we’ll keep going…
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Yani, TST Property Services Testimonial

We run big contracts in NSW and we really specialise in carpet cleaning. We met Tam through purchasing one of our machines and it was very good working with him. After that we purchased another machine, which we didn’t like it as much, and he was more than happy to exchange the machine for us. Last Christmas he gave…
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Ahmad & Hassan, Sunshine Cleaning (Australia) Testimonial

After 7 years we spent a lot of time in domestic cleaning. One day me and my friend Ahmed decided that we have to give it a go to build our business. We went through the Internet and we found Steamaster. It’s an excellent company and we found all the support from them and Mr. Tam, the leader…
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