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Car Shampoo Machine & Car Detailing Equipment for Sale

Steamaster offers top quality car detailing equipment and car shampoo machines to help you maintain your car in pristine condition. Since our establishment, we have been committed to excellent customer service and supply high-grade car shampoo machine & car detailing equipment at competitive prices. We have gained immense experience in the industry, and use that experience to improve customer knowledge. We want you to have the very best car cleaning and car care products so that your clients get the best results they deserve.

Our car detailing equipment, car shampoo machine and car carpet cleaner can save you detergents and cuts the time by half. Our extensive range is available in various configurations. If you are a first-time buyer, you are likely to have a lot of questions. Which car shampoo cleaner machine is right for me? How do I get the best price for it? So don’t hesitate to speak to one of our experts over the phone or via email to help you make an informed choice.

Car & Vehicle Detailing Equipment

Steamaster’s superior range of car & vehicle detailing equipment makes life easier and guarantees the desired shine on the car interior and exterior. These quality car detailing machines leave minimal residue and maximum shine.

Car Shampoo Machine for Sale

Looking for a reliable supplier of car upholstery cleaning tools and car shampoo machines for sale? Trust none other than Steamaster for top-notch car care products and detailing supplies for removing stains from leather upholstery, carpets and dashboard trims. High-quality car shampoo cleaner machines may not be the cheapest, but it certainly is worth every last dollar.

Whether you own a car wash facility or a commercial fleet, these car shampoo machines are the right products for you. You can buy our car shampoo machine for a highly competitive price and enjoy hassle-free car cleaning for a long time to come. It’s a one-time investment that will serve you for years and will help you ensure superior car detailing results for your clients.

Car Steam Cleaner Detailing & Shampoo Machine

Washing a car gives it a flawless look and cleans the surface for further conditioning. The products that we offer are designed to keep the car looking as good as new, always. The use of a professional-grade machine gives deeper shine to the car, delays peeling and rusting, keeping the vehicle on the ready all the time.

Steamaster’s car detailing equipment & car shampoo machine gets the job done professionally. It saves time, energy and the amount of shampoo you would need to clean a car by hand. Needless to mention, there is a great deal of savings and guaranteed better results with a car shampoo machine.

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Essential Equipments Needed for Auto Detailing

Having the right machinery and equipment ensures that your car wash business operates at maximum productivity. You want nothing but the best detailing supplies in the market. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction, and therefore, do everything we can to ensure your business gets the recognition it deserves.

Our car shampoo machines are essential to your auto detailing operations. They are easy to use and require no prior training or experience. It features a tank that holds the water and car wash detergent solution. The car shampoo machine has a spray head that can be used to quickly and effectively apply the solution.

When it comes to providing high-grade auto detailing equipment, you can trust us. We offer Australia wide service and repair.

Buy Car Steam Detailing Cleaners

Delight your customers with the best services possible using quality car steam detailing cleaners and shampoo machines available here at Steamaster- the leading online store in Australia for carpet extractors, upholstery cleaners and scrubbers.

Steamaster has been in the business for over 20 years and has seen the industry grow. And, some of our products are a part of technical advancements in the car cleaning industry. From portable shampoo machines to car care products, we bring you quality products you need to keep your business running successfully.

When you buy from us, you can be sure that the products are the same as expected. We partner with leading Australian manufacturers and also develop our own products to ensure quick and efficient cleaning. Our collection includes a range of car & vehicle detailing equipment from Mytee, PEX, and other popular brands.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse our products online and place your order now!

Get Online Car Steam Detailing Cleaners

A product that satisfies your customers as well as meet all your needs is hard to find. You need to compromise in some or other ways. But, when you have Steamaster by your side, there is nothing to worry about.

A recognised name for carpet cleaning products, we also stock car steam detailing cleaners that make vehicle cleaning and detailing an easy job. We select the products that help you achieve the glossy finish that customers want while increasing your productivity. So, whether you own a car cleaning facility or responsible for maintaining vehicles in a transportation department, our selection of products ensures efficient cleaning.

Portable, easy to use and easy to carry, we have car steam detailing cleaners ideal for your mobile cleaning service. Use them to clean the leather car seats or to vacuum the vents and other areas; they are fit for every use.

If you have any special requirements, feel free to call us.

Why Choose Steamaster to Buy Professional Detailing Equipment?

We have been selling car detailing equipment to commercial fleet owners, car wash facilities and individual car owners for many years.

Having been in the business over 20 years, we focus on providing our clients with the best car detailing steam cleaner, car shampoo cleaner machine, and car care products that money can buy. We advise our clients on the type of equipment suited for their needs and budget.

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Our car detailing machine cleans the vehicles efficiently so it looks as good as new. The end result? Shiny car, happy customers, and superior car detailing results for your clients.

At Steamaster, we provide professional car cleaners and detailing experts with the best possible products money can buy. Emphasising on high-quality and long-lasting results, we only stock products that are time-tested.