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Mytee Products – New & Used Mytee Extractors for Sale

Just like Steamaster, Mytee has also been in the carpet cleaning industry for the past twenty years. Steamaster brings to you a wide range of new and used Mytee products for sale – from carpet extractors to portable heaters and everything in between.

Types of Mytee Products

Mytee Carpet Extractors:

Mytee carpet extractors are quite tough and can clean carpets and upholstery, along with tile and grout. If you have one of these carpet extractors in your arsenal, then your job of cleaning carpets becomes easy. The presence of wheels and locking caster improves the mobility of these cleaning machines around various areas including stairs.

Mytee Flood Extractor:

The flood extractors from Mytee are powerful machines that can remove standing water from the room. These can be used even for the largest flood restoration jobs.

The machines have an automatic pump, which makes removing the water an easy task and the locking caster makes the units easy to park while removing water.

Mytee Upholstery Tools:

These tools have a solid and unique grip that does not strain the wrist and glides in smoothly.

It can clean a wide range of surfaces, like automotive detailing, sofas, pillows, mattresses and curtains just to name some.

Hot Turbo Portable Heater:

The portable heater can be attached to most cold-water extractors to produce hot water. A switch is present on the unit that can help you select the amount of power to heat the water.

Range of New & Used Mytee Products Available at Steamaster

Steamaster has been one of the top suppliers of cleaning machines. They offer a range of Mytee products including Mytee Carpet Extractor, Mytee 1003DX pro, Mytee Flood Extractor, Mytee Hot Turbo Portable Heater, and Mytee Lite Heated Carpet Extractor.

The Mytee cleaning packages include all the equipment to give you a well-rounded cleaning experience, while the portable heater will help generate hot water when attached to cold water extractors. With such a huge range of different products, you will be able to find the product that suits your need. Browse the extensive range of Steamaster to find quality cleaning equipment for your needs.