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Reviewed by Mark Symons on
Steamaster is fantastic. Bought a big kit from them as a small business, works great. They are very knowledgeable, quick to fix any problems and have solution. Special thanks to Duy, quick replys and answers about products and equipments.

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Buy Industrial Floor Polishers

Often constructed in concrete for increased durability and resistance to abrasion, industrial floors are mostly considered as the most challenging surface to clean up. After all, with concrete, it is never just about one swipe.

This challenge can often get a little tricky for professional cleaners to tackle. In other words, what cleaning service providers and professionals need are high-quality floor polishers.

At Steamasters, our Floor Polishers for sale can be customized using a variety of pads and brushes depending on the floor surface or type of stain you need to remove. Our experience in the industry has helped us grow into a team of experts. We will help you find the floor polisher that has been designed especially for you and your needs.

Heavy Duty Floor Polisher

These floor polishers often include heavy-duty machines and can deep clean floors, removing even the most difficult marks. They are ideal for use in public buildings, schools, shops, and hospitals.

If you are planning to buy a floor polishing machine to start out a new venture, Steamaster can help you get off on the right foot. With highly competitive prices and flexible finance options, getting started with your own cleaning business couldn’t be easier than this. Our friendly team will help you through the purchasing process and give you the advice you need to grow your business faster. We have a variety of floor polishers for sale to suit every budget and individual requirements.

Don’t just take our word for it. Buy floor polishers from Steamaster and see for yourself why we are Australia’s leading cleaning supplies company.

Commercial Floor Polishing Machine & Products

You never know how stubborn or difficult it can get to get rid of the stains in a commercialized or industrial area.

The oils, solutions, and chemicals that are used in the industries can leave a prolonged stain on the industrial floors. The more obstinate the stain is, the higher quality of the floor polisher will you be needed to purchase.

Now, before you make a decision to buy a floor polisher, make sure you know what you are dealing with and what exactly do you need. At Steamasters, you will be spoiled with choices among floor polishers.

Our floor polishers are purposefully designed to give that extra shine to hard floors and make them look their best. The floors will instantly start to look just like new as you move this floor polishing machine over the area.

We bring in the best quality floor polishers for sale in Australia from different corners of the country as well as the United States. Our team undertakes a thorough check before making the final decision of getting the brand onboard.

We aim to provide only those products that we would use for our cleaning company. This ensures that no matter what polisher you choose, you will always find the quality of it amazing.

Need some help finding the right floor polishing machine for your business? Get in touch with one of our team members, and we will advise you on the equipment best suited for your needs.

Electric Rotary Floor Polisher Scrubber

You can attain quality results when polishing floors with a robust rotary machine. Our floor polishers are manufactured under the highest standards and with new technology, which is why they are cost-effective and very efficient. That’s not all. All our floor polishing machines come under warranty protection.

Here at Steamaster, we stock a range of commercial and industrial quality floor polishers from top manufacturers like Polivac, Truvox, Cimex.

Our industrial floor polishers are easy and comfortable to use, leaving a high shine and gleaming finish to all hard floor surfaces. Our machines are highly maneuverable and low maintenance, making them the first choice for industry professionals.

If you are wondering whether this new technology will be your cup of tea or not, don’t worry. All our polishers are always accompanied by a comprehensive training manual. This is the manual that has every detail about how you can use the product, its maintenance, care, and more.

If you are still skeptical, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our leaving experts are always ready to be at your service.

Floor Polisher Buffing Machines

These Polivac floor polishers for sale come with contoured grips and adjustable handles that make cleaning easier and stress-free. You will never feel the excruciating burden of cleaning even the dirtiest floors, thanks to the direct gear drive mechanism of our industrial floor polisher that guarantees smooth and reliable operations.

When you buy a floor polishing machine from Steamaster, you get an assurance of genuine purchase. All our machines are directly sourced from the manufacturer. This means that you get the right product at the right price.

We understand the need to invest in a good quality product. The better the quality, the better service you’ll be able to provide to your customers. It is of utmost importance that you are offering extensive customer service if you wish for your customers to come back to you.

Floor Polishing Machine for your Cleaning Business

Building brand loyalty requires effort and we can help you with that. Our floor polishers will ensure that you are able to get rid of even the dirtiest stain of all without using much muscle power.

Gone are the days when this was the job of a bucket, duster, and strength. Today, thanks to the advancement in technology, we have tools and equipment to take care of these tasks for us. It not only makes the entire process a lot quicker but also makes it easier.

We can ship your floor polisher to your doorstep anywhere in Australia whilst guaranteeing safe, on-time delivery.


Steamaster handpicks the best floor polishers from renowned brands across the country and globe. Professional cleaners who buy from us become our long-term customers because we offer the best quality at the right price, along with exceptional after-sale support for absolute peace of mind.

A floor polishing machine is used to effectively apply polish onto the floor’s surface to revive its shine and enhance life. With a couple of passes, you can transform your floors without resorting to any manual rubbing, saving you a lot of time and effort. Modern floor polishing machines are easy to operate and are low maintenance. If you are planning to buy a floor polishing machine, invest in the one that gives you maximum ROI.

Buffing refers to a relatively gentle floor treatment to remove nicks and smudge and give the floor a brand-new appeal. Buffing is performed at slower speeds, and a solution is sprayed all along to even out any surface imperfections. On the other hand, floor polishing is a more rigorous process that rubs off the top layer, revealing the brighter, shinier surface underneath.