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Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines For Sale At Steamaster

Carpets are woven to last a lifetime. However, when exposed to chemicals, spills, stains, body oils, and atmospheric soils, carpets can lose their texture and shine. Therefore, it is important to clean them frequently using the best portable carpet cleaner. Steamaster provides industry-grade portable carpet cleaning machines for sale to clients all across Australia. The equipment is specifically designed to remove tough stains, spills, and dirt.

Genuine Portable Carpet Cleaners At The Best Price

The best way to achieve spotlessly clean carpets in no time is to hire the best carpet cleaning company. And one of the keys to being the best carpet cleaning company is using the best portable carpet steamer and carpet cleaning products. And while there is an abundance of portable carpet cleaning machines out there in the market, choosing the best portable carpet cleaner can be tricky.

At Steamaster, we offer a wide range of portable carpet cleaning machines. Most of the equipment that we sell is manufactured in Australia and America. Browse through our wide range of products to pick the one that best suits your budget and business requirements. If you are a first-time buyer and need help choosing the right tile and grout cleaning machines for sale, get in touch with us.

Buy Small Carpet Steam Cleaners Online

Small but powerful, portable carpet cleaners are an excellent medium to clean and dry carpets without removing them. Small carpet cleaners give the advantage of cleaning the carpets on-site efficiently, which takes less time and makes the process cost-effective.

So, if you are into a carpet cleaning business and want to expand your business with mobile services, portable carpet cleaners are an apt choice. They are convenient, easy to use and highly efficient. We at Steamasters bring you a range of top-notch small carpet cleaners for every use. We have an extensive collection of portable cleaners from the leading Australian and American manufacturers. Some of the collections we include are Mytee, Kanga, GoodFX, Pex, Sniper and many more.

You can select the tank size, pressure range, heating output as per your requirements and ensure the best products. So, why wait? Browse our collection online and place your order online now.

Portable Carpet Cleaning Machines at affordable prices for your home & business

Clean and beautiful carpets enhance the appearance of the home. Pets love to sneak in to these soft fabrics while kids enjoy their time on their furry surfaces. But, due to external pollutants like soil and dirt, and body oils they tend to lose their shine and texture. Thus, a regular cleaning is necessary.

However, traditional or DIY carpet cleaning methods take time and are not very effective. But, if you have access to high-tech small carpet cleaners, then cleaning carpets at homes and offices is an easy affair. Advancement in technology has made it possible to bring the qualities of a professional cleaning in a small and modern machine-portable carpet cleaners. Steamaster stocks an extensive range of powerful and compact cleaners that remove all the dust and grimes and retain your carpets back to their former glory.

So, make the right investment and choose portable carpet cleaners for your cleaning needs. Order now!

Buy Portable Carpet Cleaners Online

Carpets tend to lose their colour and texture over the time. And accidents like oil spills, pet urines make them unappealing. Thus, a regular carpet cleaning is essential so that your carpets remain the same as you want. However, many households and commercial businesses neglect cleaning to avoid carpet removal. Many companies asked customers to remove the carpet to take it to their cleaning facility, which seems inconvenient.

A straightforward solution is to use portable carpet cleaners. Compact and easy to use, portable carpet cleaners make the cleaning simpler and efficient. At Steamaster, we have a wide variety of portable carpet cleaners available at affordable prices. Whether you need a steam carpet cleaner, a regular carpet extractor or a complete business package, we have it all.

Small in size, portable carpet cleaners have all the features of a regular cleaner, which ensures quality cleaning but in less time. Shop for top brands like Kanga, Mytee, Pex, Polivac, Sniper and more. Check out our premium collection online today.

Buy Portable Carpet Shampooer

Carpets are prey to pet urines, drink spills, body oils, and dust. Over time, the dirt goes deep down the roots of carpet fibres. This hardens the carpet and makes it uncomfortable to walk. In severe cases, the threads start to fall off, creating a patch. To avoid such issues, it’s better to clean and shampoo the carpet regularly.

Portable carpet shampooers have made it extremely easy to clean and deodorize the carpets. They come with all the scrubbers, brushes and cleaning solutions that lose the grime from carpet surfaces and retain their fluffiness. At Steamaster, we have an exclusive collection of high-end portable carpet shampooers for regular use.

Being 20 years in the business, we have understood what the Australian homes and cleaning industry demands, i.e., timely cleaning with quality results. And portable carpet shampooers are just designed for that. They are easy to use and help professionals clean the carpets without removing them from the place. So, switch to convenience, buy quality carpet shampooers from Steamaster today.

Portable Carpet Steamer for Sales

Drinks get spilled, pets dirtying the carpets, and kids doing their thing can wreak havoc on the mat. Even if they just pet parents, they do not appreciate dirt as everyone in the world knows the importance of a clean carpet. With the world today more cautious than ever about their house’s cleanliness and hygiene, there is a tremendous demand for portable carpet cleaners. The portable carpet cleaners we sell are made in America and Australia so that you can vouch for the quality. Some companies we stock are Mytee, Kanga, GoodFX, Pex, Sniper and more.

If you are a business owner who wants to go mobile, it is best to go for such powerful portable carpet cleaners that can do the job efficiently.

Buy Best Portable Carpet Cleaners for your cleaning business with Free Training.

People in this decade need services that are quick and efficient, and your portable carpet cleaning services can do magic for them and your business. However, just gaining the equipment and cleaning supplies is not enough. What you require are skills and the know-how on appliance usage. We at Steamaster don’t just sell you the products and ask you to learn them yourself; after all, it is your business! We take your business to the next level by providing you with a free training course. It is not just any other training course but a training course where we teach you how to be deemed “experts” in the field.

Small Portable Cleaning Machine with Free Training

When people hire you for business, they hire you for your “expertise”. We help you strengthen your prowess and professionalism through training. Our free training is an added value whenever you buy a piece of equipment from us. We teach you how to use the tools, the right cleaning agents to use, and the way to clean faster yet efficiently. When you have such skills in your sleeve, it is hard not to catch mastery over providing cleaning services. So us, and we can help guide you through the process to take your business to the next level.


Based on your unique cleaning requirements, our cleaning gurus can recommend a carpet cleaning package for you. As part of our equipment package, we also provide free online training.

Steamaster’s portable carpet cleaning machines are perfect for cleaning carpets of all makes and models -- be it a 1800$ woolen rug or 80$ cotton rug.