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Buy Premium Polivac Products in Australia

Steamaster provides a superior range of Polivac cleaning equipment that makes floor and carpet cleaning jobs a breeze. The products that we offer are designed to handle even the most demanding commercial cleaning requirements, which would have been a real struggle otherwise.

When you have the right cleaning equipment at your disposal, it becomes a lot easier to remove tough stains and scrape off the grime that’s been there for months. Polivac products are essential if you want to achieve a spotlessly clean property. Whether you are a business owner or run a cleaning company, Polivac polisher can help you save a lot of money, and also time. It is designed using the latest technology so as to offer maximum profits to the user.

Choose The Right Polivac Equipment to Save Time and Hassles

We understand the significance of quality equipment in getting a cleaning job done efficiently. Also, as a professional cleaner, you will want the best equipment in your arsenal so that you can clean faster, leaving happy and satisfied customers behind.

At Steamaster, we identify with your cleaning goals and make sure to provide a product range that resonates with your needs. We source top-quality commercial cleaning equipment from Australia’s leading manufacturers, and we work hard to cater to the specific requirements of all our clients. Whether they need Polivac polisher for sale, or other cleaning solutions, chemicals, and powders, we help them choose suitable products. We also help them look at all the available financing options so that they can make an informed buying decision.

Best Polivac Products for Sale in Australia

When you want to own commercial-grade cleaning equipment without spending a fortune, your choices could come from a wide selection of Polivac carpet extractors for sale.

If you are buying cleaning equipment for the first time, feel free to have a quick word with us. Our customer service will make sure that you get the right equipment for your needs.

Since our establishment, we have been providing our customers with superior quality cleaning equipment, chemicals, and machinery that deliver excellent results.

Polivac Carpet Extractor for Sale

A carpet extractor cleans better and faster as compared to an ordinary carpet cleaning machine. With ergonomic design and easy controls, you can use this equipment for hours, without hurting your back or shoulders. They come with a comprehensive warranty. Get your hands on Polivac products for sale and make a sound investment.

Polivac Distributors – Partnered with leading manufacturers of commercial cleaning equipment, Steamaster is a distributor for Polivac in Australia, Sydney New South Wales (NSW), Melbourne Victoria (VIC), Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast Queensland (QLD), Perth Western Australia (WA), Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast, Adelaide South Australia (SA), Darwin Northern Territory (NT), Canberra Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Queanbeyan, Hobart, Launceston Tasmania (TAS)

Browse through our product range to choose the one that fits your needs and budget. Place your order now and obtain free-delivery all across Australia.

Buy Heavy Duty Polivac Floor Polisher Online

If you want your floors to gleam, there isn’t a more reliable floor polishing machine on the market than the Polivac range. Steamaster stocks a wide range of heavy-duty Polivac Floor Polishers. These machines are robust, durable and versatile promising effective cleaning solutions for a variety of floor types.

Affordable Polivac Polisher at affordable prices

Keeping your floors clean and stain-free can be a challenge. But not with Polivac Polisher. Designed and built in Australia, these powerful and versatile machines can restore even the most soiled floors. Steamaster offers a wide range of Poliva Polishers at affordable prices. Buy today to enjoy effective floor cleaning.

Get Polivac Equipment for Sale

Without quality tools, cleaning dirty floors and stained carpets is a challenging job. It takes a considerable amount of time, and the results are not as expected. But, when you have high-end equipment from a reliable brand like Polivac, the job seems to be easier.

Polivac is a reputed Australian brand, manufacturing a range of high-quality carpet cleaners, floor scrubbers and polishers. The brand focuses on ergonomic design and smart controls that allow cleaners to clean the carpets quickly and efficiently without carrying the heavy load. All products from Polivac feature potent motors, easy handling and customised tanks. And, we at Steamaster are proud to bring you great products from the brand.

If you are looking for Polivac equipment for sale in Australia, then we have got you covered. We have an extensive collection of top-quality Polivac products for a variety of applications. Whether you need a carpet extractor or a complete business package, we have it all. Browse our collection now!


Polivac polisher, machines and other products are built and designed in Australia. The durability and versatility of Polivac products makes them a top choice for professional cleaners. This reputable company also offers excellent service, repairs and parts supply. If you’re looking for exceptional reliability, Polivac products are the way to go.

Polivac is a reputable company offering highly durable, versatile and robust polishers, machines and other products. The exceptional reliability, service and repairs makes Polivac a first choice for professional cleaners. Designed and built in Australia, Polivac products promise efficient cleaning solutions for various floor types.