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Service and Repairs

Tam Le

Get Your Portable Carpet Cleaning Equipment Repaired or Service

Unlike Others, We Do The Work In-House & Keep A Full Inventory Of Parts, So Your Carpet Cleaning Machine or Carpet Extractor Gets Fixed Quickly


Need a repair? Steamaster’s there with Australia-wide service on cleaning equipment—during and after warranty. We know down-time is a killer, so we’ll get your equipment up and running again in a hurry.


A thorough carpet cleaning requires the best machinery with optimum functioning. Therefore, it is crucial to get your carpet cleaning equipment repaired or services by professionals. With years of experience, Steamaster is an industry leader in carpet equipment repairs. We are equipped with all the tools required to fix your carpet-cleaning machinery and return it to working order. 


Our highly skilled technicians received ongoing training and can repair all varieties of carpet extractors. Since Steamaster maintains extensive inventories of all carpet cleaning equipment components, we can repair and replace damaged components on nearly all popular carpet cleaning equipment brands. 


As a part of our comprehensive portable carpet cleaning equipment repair, our technicians will assess your machinery for four key areas: internal, external, tanks and underside. Depending on the condition of your equipment, our team will take out the vacuum motors, clean the fans, swap out the brushes, and check and adjust the drive plate and bearing. Filters for waste particles will be replaced after acid rinsing and cleaning the water and solution tanks. 


Additionally, we will check for leaks and cutoffs and clean the solution tank filter. Following a comprehensive examination of the electrical cables, plugs, and functionality of the switches and fuses, we will perform a quick diagnosis on the base plate and earth lead and visually inspect the wheels.