“Penrith City Council decided to Purchase the Steamaster Buster Pressure Cleaner after getting quotes from three suppliers for different models and brands this unit and others were tested and the staff preferred this model because it’s robust design and with a 3000psi pressure output gives exceptional performance.

This unit has a stainless steel diesel fired 3 year warranty heating coil with water safety switch and is on LGP 508 which would allow a straight purchase however we chose to test the market.

Steamaster’s staff member come to the Kingswood Depot to demonstrate this model and provided a good service however the unit after purchase was delivered to the Depot Store for us to install and it would have been handy to assist with commissioning the unit matching hoses and fittings and providing the safety manual which you emailed through to me.

It is working well and I trust will work trouble free for many years.

– Ken Myhill
Fleet Co-ordinator
Penrith City Council