“Blacktown City Council has purchased cleaning equipment from Steamaster product range during last 24 months since 2006 in seven occasions. Steamaster products are found to be of high quality and staff is found to be honest about their products both in terms of quality and service. I admire their attitude towards the customer, which I think is remarkable in current profit driven and short-sighted sales era.

Blacktown City Council’s service staff are highly satisfied on the speedy service from Steamaster in spare parts as well as in other after sales support work. So far, there has never been any instance of breach of trust built between Steamaster and Blacktown City Council thanks to Steamaster’s sales philosophy which I have found a little different to other similar suppliers I have come across in this field.

In my opinion, flexibility, honesty and reliability are Steamaster’s strengths and I hope the reputation Steamaster have earned so far with Blacktown City Council will be maintained in to the future as well. I feel very comfortable in dealing with Steamaster due to the positive attitude of their staff and the high quality of their products that comes with extremely reasonable and competitive prices.

At Blacktown City Council, I have no hesitation to deal with Steamaster in terms of high pressure cleaning equipment and their related accessories even into the future. I can without doubt recommend Steamaster as an excellent supplier to deal with.

I am certain that Steamaster is not there for the short-haul and I wish them all the success.”
– Manjula Wettasinghe
Senior Engineer – Plant & Equipment
Blacktown City Council