Ahmad & Hassan, Sunshine Cleaning (Australia) Testimonial

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After 7 years we spent a lot of time in domestic cleaning. One day me and my friend Ahmed decided that we have to give it a go to build our business. We went through the Internet and we found Steamaster. It’s an excellent company and we found all the support from them and Mr. Tam, the leader of the Steamaster company.

He advised us about all the equipment and really we are now very successful and very busy with the work. I spent 7/8 years working with a lot of machines; buff machines, carpet cleaning machines… I’ve tried more companies before for the cleaning equipment. When I came to Steamaster I felt like I was part of a warm family. When I ask Tam for anything, I feel like he’s my brother.

He tried many times to help us. Before I found Steamaster, I tried many times to do a 100% perfect job in carpet cleaning and I really failed. When I came here to Steamaster, mot of our customers are very, very happy, because finally, I reached a 100% cleaning job. We love this company and we have great confidence in them… It feels like a family. I will never buy anything from any other company. I am here for many years to come.