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Steamaster is fantastic. Bought a big kit from them as a small business, works great. They are very knowledgeable, quick to fix any problems and have solution. Special thanks to Duy, quick replys and answers about products and equipments.

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Buy Commercial & Industrial Honda Petrol Pressure Washers

Save time and money when you buy a Petrol Pressure Washer or High Pressure Cleaner from one of Australia’s leading pressure cleaning equipment suppliers.

Our range of Commercial and Industrial Quality Petrol Pressure Washers, High Pressure Cleaners for sale are all powered by portable Honda or Briggs and Stratton motors and are extremely durable. This makes these machines ideal for applications such as removing graffiti, cleaning car parks, cleaning various outdoor surfaces like concrete, brick walls, and even preparing surfaces for paintwork. Our models include Honda pressure washer 4000 PSI.

Choose from Our Range of Commercial & Industrial Honda Petrol Pressure Cleaners

We offer a superior range of petrol high pressure cleaners. The Honda pressure cleaners we offer are easy to maneuver that you can use them all day long without feeling tired. There are various attachments and changeable accessories that make the pressure cleaning job even simpler. These pressure washers are petrol-powered, which means you do not have to worry about the hassle of finding an electrical power source. Our models include Honda pressure washer GX390.

Buy Commercial Pressure Washers Powered by Honda Petrol Engine

If you want to clean around homes, showrooms and other commercial establishments, we can provide a suitable pressure washer to meet your needs. On the other hand, if you are more into strenuous cleaning jobs that involve cleaning around warehouses and manufacturing plants, we can provide the right fit at the right price.

Honda Motor Petrol Pressure Cleaners for Sale

When you buy a Honda pressure cleaner from Steamaster, you not only save money but you can be assured that your equipment is genuine and will go a long way in assisting you with tough cleaning requirements. Our models include Honda 13hp high water pressure cleaner.

Petrol Pressure Cleaners for Sale

Our product range features top-quality petrol high pressure washers for sale that can handle a range of cleaning tasks effortlessly. They can be used to clean vehicles, driveways, roofs, gutters, windows and other surfaces that require intense cleaning to wipe out dirt, mud and stains. Just aim the nozzle wherever you want to clean – it’ll do the rest on its own. These industrial pressure washers certainly deliver more than you could ask for.

High Water Pressure Cleaners for Sale

Steamaster sells petrol pressure washers that are powered by highly efficient Honda engines to ensure maximal performance and minimal fuel consumption. Featuring ergonomic design with adjustable handles and other collaterals to your aid, Honda pressure cleaners are easy to maneuver in driveways, patio, roofs and other spaces that offer limited access. We provide a wide range of pressure cleaning equipment that has set a benchmark in terms of efficiency, price and other factors that may influence your purchase. It’s easy to understand why most professional cleaning agencies across Australia come to us. We offer various options to sift through so you can choose the one that best suits your preference and budget.

Range of Our High Pressure Water Blasters

If your home exterior or vehicle is covered with dirt and dust, you might want to invest in a petrol water blaster. Our pressure cleaners use a petrol motor, making them more efficient compared to ones that use electric motors, simply because they can deliver higher pressure and do not depend on a static source of power. The convenience lies in its portability. We stock Honda pressure washer 5000 PSI models.

These pressure cleaners are a true delight for beginners, since they allow flexible cleaning operations and deliver great results.

Steamaster Australia provides industrial Honda petrol pressure washer and industry-grade pressure washer cleaners to suit all kinds of requirements and budgets. If you are not able to find what you are after or want to know more about the equipment, our friendly assistance is just one phone call away. We stock Honda petrol pressure washer GX690 models.
Clean driveways and other outdoor surfaces faster and effortlessly with this power-packed 13HP Honda pressure washer.

Mobile & Driveway Pressure washer

Experience the magic of high pressure cleaning machine on wheels. Easy to use and even easier to wheel around from one dirty job to another.

With the powerful jet of 4000 PSI, no grime or stain is too tough to remove

For heavy duty commercial cleaning, Honda 3500 PSI pressure washer offers an ideal mix of power and economy. Clean faster and more efficiently than ever.

With our superior range of professional pressure washers, the landscape of commercial cleaning has changed for better. Did you buy one for your cleaning operations?

Our pressure washers feature an integrated Honda pressure washer pump that delivers the desired power to blast away dirt and grime in one go.

Eliminate the hassles of electrical cords with Honda gas pressure washer that delivers more power and produces less noise than its counterparts.