I’ve been in the business now, my own business, for about 6 years. I’m doing carpet cleaning, mold cleaning, fire & water damage and also flood damage sewer damage. I’m very happy with Steamaster. I met Tam about 5 years ago and he started to supply me with equipment. This equipment has helped me a lot in cleaning, carpet cleaning, extraction and pressure washing. He supplied me with chemicals and all other stuff needed in a cleaning business. Tam has helped me a lot. At the moment, I’m now having more than a million in revenue a year, and I started with nothing. This business now is coming on and getting busier. I now have contracts with Siemsen Restorations Claim Central. I have a lot of jobs with GIO, APIA, AAMI and a lot of insurance companies. I would like to thank Tam and say that if you need any equipment, just call Steamaster. Tam is the best person to help you.


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