Andre, founder and director of Brascleaning Pty Testimonial

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Hello I’m Andre, founder and director of Brascleaning Pty Ltd. We are a commercial and residential cleaning company based on the Northern Beaches. I’ve been running this business now for six years. When we decided to bring carpet cleaning services into our business, that’s when I met Tam. He helped me out with all the equipment and things.

He explained to me what machine I should buy and how powerful the machine had to be. He booked a day so I came into the store. He took some time off to explain to me and go through all the machines that he had and he was going through one-by- one and explaining, “If you go with this one, it will help you to do this… if you buy a more powerful one it will help you to do that….” so I felt very comfortable here and I bought the right equipment to get started.

If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t know where to start from and he just got me all the equipment and today – three years later since I started doing carpet cleaning – I get a lot of work coming in every day and we are very happy with the business.

So if you are thinking of opening your own carpet cleaning business, I would highly recommend Steamaster, with the guarantee that you not only get the best equipment possible, but you’re also getting an outstanding customer service.