Your car is your asset, and regardless of how you use it, it is prone to getting dirty and soiled. Not only the exteriors but the interiors of your car, too, are abused, thereby making it look dirty. The interiors of your car may get dirty because of many reasons, such as transferring dyes and dirt from your clothing on the car’s seat, oil and dirt left on the steering wheel, food particles or pet dander left on the car seat, dirt and grime carried by your shoes, etc. Such mess inside your car needs to be cleaned at once, and a steam cleaner for car seats is the perfect solution. 

Whether your car interiors are heavily or lightly soiled, using a steam cleaner is an excellent option to deep clean your car seats and other parts. Steam eliminates the need to use harmful chemicals and penetrates deep into the upholstery and fabric of the car seats, and it cleans the dirty spots on the seats and removes the build-up of bacteria, mould, and fungus. A steam cleaner can be used on all the hard-to-reach places to give a thorough cleaning to your car seats, hence making them look new again. 

A steam cleaner is a cost-effective solution to clean your car seats. Here’s how you can use it: 

Materials Required

It would be best if you have a good-quality steam cleaner, a vacuum cleaner, and a triangular brush attachment for the steam cleaner. You do not have to buy an attachment separately as most steam cleaners are already equipped with it. 

Cleaning Upholstered Car Seats

Attach the triangular tool to the equipment as this attachment will agitate the upholstery of the car seats, thereby lifting the dirt. You can rub the bristles over the car seats and the carpet and move the tool slowly. Move the cleaner quickly so that the steam doesn’t collect in one place and make the car seats wet. All the tight spots can be reached using a crevice tool. 

Use the steam cleaner on the car seats so that it makes overlapping passes with its bristles against the seat, but do not brush vigorously on the seats. Once the seats and carpets are cleaned using the steam, vacuum them to remove the loose dirt. 

Cleaning Leather Car Seats

You can use the steamer to clean the leather car seats as well. For this, you may require a soft attachment available with the cleaner not to scratch the interior finish. A microfiber foam attachment works the best for this purpose. Some steam cleaners also come with a carpet attachment exclusively for cleaning the leather seats and sofas. 
Cover the bristles of the attachment properly so that they don’t scratch the leather and give the seats a thorough cleaning. You can later dry the car using a vacuum cleaner. 


Cleaning your car’s interiors with a steam cleaner once in a while is a must to keep your car clean and germ-free for the longest of time. Buy a good-quality steam cleaner and follow the above-listed steps to keep the interiors and seats in good shape.