Steam cleaning for the Car detailing process is an eco-friendly method that uses steam to wash your vehicle’s interiors and exterior. A steaming jet is a cleaning tool for the surfaces as it comes with strong sterilizing and cleaning power. 

This process uses the minimum amount of water used for generating steam that eliminates water wastage and is emission-free. 

Steam cleaners: an innovative method

Steam cleaners are an innovative method that has revolutionized car washing solutions. With so many advantages, this method has become popular for various factors, such as high-pressure water spray, which can moisturize sensitive automotive electronics, restricts water wastage, uses effective chemicals, and reduces the amount and effort required for the Car detailing process. 

Everyone loves their vehicle. Thus, Steamaster provides a range of steam cleaners that works towards cleaning and maintaining it to retain its shine. Detailing implies meticulous cleaning, which is not just about surface cleaning like clearing out wrappers, emptying ashtrays or throwing tissues out. 

Car detailing is in-depth cleaning of your vehicle that includes cleaning interiors, exteriors, disinfecting the air conditioners and heating vents, degreasing the engines and washing the exterior of cars. 

What all is included in Car detailing?

Working on inner beauty takes more time than outer ones. That is why auto detailing requires a lot of effort and time; with professional cleaners, you can make this process easy. The process includes various steps towards getting your vehicle professionally cleaned. 

  • Vacuuming seats, carpets and interior accessories
  • Cleaning and polishing dashboards, vents and instruments 
  • Cleans the floor mats and clothes
  • Wash
  • Waxing of exterior
  • Cleaning and polishing of all the tires

How does a steam cleaner function for Car detailing work?

Steam cleaners make use of appropriate heat and pressure, which generates steam that dissolves dirt and pollutants accumulated on the surfaces. The steam is sprayed with the nozzle, which is pointed towards the stained, dirty and overall dimensions of your vehicle interiors or exteriors. 

Compared to traditional car cleaning methods, steam is a safe process that works directly for removing dust, stains, and dirt. Though steam uses high temperature and pressure to create steam, they do not damage car paint. However, to avoid damage, one should opt for choosing professional steam cleaning services for your car.

This cleaning method filters dust and can even extract minute particles, pet hairs and bugs. They are best to be used for car upholstery, dashboard and console, while leaving them clean, sterilized and spectacular, which is difficult to achieve in the case of traditional methods. 

How much time does it take for Car steaming?

Steam cleaning for your entire car detailing can take about 15 to 20 minutes; however, this process varies depending upon the vehicle, larger or smaller, space capacity and interior space of the vehicle. All these factors determine how much time the whole process of steam cleaning can take. 

What are the benefits of steam cleaner for car detailing?

There are various benefits of using a steam cleaner for car detailing; let’s explore each one of them. 

  • It’s a scratch-proof process.

Usually, some methods of car washing, such as tunnel car wash, make use of brushes or clothes that can cause scratches or marks on the car surface. This risk gets reduced while using steam cleaners. 

The steam cleaners make use of gas which does not leave any scratch marks on your vehicle. After the car is steamed and washed, a mop or a cloth is used to wipe off the surface. Thus, steam cleaners are safe for your car’s surface. 

      • They are safe for the environment.

Another benefit of steam cleaners is that they are safe for the environment. This process helps in preventing water wastage and electricity, thus making this cleaning solution environmentally friendly.

      • Easy service

With the application of technology into car washing techniques, a steam cleaner is an easy process that does not come with any hassles. It does not need any heavy equipment; thus, it is easy to operate and saves a lot of expense and time. 

      • It comes with maximum reachability.

The steam cleaner easily extracts dirt and dust from hard-to-get places, which are areas that are not accessible with a brush or cloth. With a high strength motor, the heated gas generated and sprayed through the outlet easily spreads to the corner of the car thus making your car shiny, polished and disinfected. 

      • Comes with a natural sterilizing effect

It is necessary to keep your car hygienic and free from microorganisms that can cause infections. Areas such as dashboards, upholstery and carpet are highly exposed to bacteria and viruses; thus, keeping them clean and disinfected is necessary.

Steam cleaners not only disinfect the exterior of your car but also eliminate the microorganisms that dwell inside. 

      • Works on all kinds of vehicles

No matter what kind of vehicle you have- car, motorcycle, large vehicle or a coupe, steam cleaners are effective. They not just clean effectively but also disinfect them. 

      • Increases longevity of your vehicle

It helps get rid of contaminants that can damage car leather, vinyl, chrome, and paint, thus increasing the longevity of your vehicle. 

      • Improves overall appearance of your car

A professional cleaning process can work wonders on your car’s overall appearance and help restore details that get damaged in normal wear and tear. 

      • It makes the engine run cooler.

Getting regular car detailing can keep your engine clean from dust, leaks and dirt, which will ensure the smooth running of your car.

      • It increases vehicles’ resale value.

If you have put your vehicle on sale, getting car detailing done before gives it a spectacular and clean look. A professional service can help in improving its condition, which will help in getting higher resale value.

Benefits of using Steam cleaners for interiors

There are various benefits of using steam cleaners for interiors;

-It helps in getting rid of odor from pet stains, smoke, molds and mildews

-It cleans deeply and keeps your fabric fresh

-It reaches hard to access areas such as dashboards, vents, cup holders and armrests within a few minutes.

-As soon as cleaning is completed, you won’t have to wait for an hour for drying the vehicle. Steam cleaners leave your surface dry.

Benefits of steam cleaner for exteriors

This cleaning solution is beneficial for your vehicle exteriors as well;

-It helps in getting rid of dust from your car exteriors

-After the cleaning process there is no toxic residue left behind to clean

-It cleans the window without making any scratch

-it removes wax, tar and other compounds from bumper, molding and chrome.

-it can effectively clean vinyl tops, wheels, white walls quickly and easily. 

How is Car detailing help you as an owner?

Steam cleaning for car detailing helps in making it shiny and spectacular. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy as an owner.

      • Provides satisfaction

Driving a clean car can be satisfying and makes you feel more confident. If you use your vehicle for business purposes, keeping a neat and clean car can be impactful. 

      • It helps in saving money.

Regularly going for detailing services can help in saving money. Firstly, it increases the lifespan, which means repairing cost decreases. Secondly, when the engine is clean, it becomes more efficient; thirdly, the headlight restoration increases the intensity of lights, enhancing the vehicle’s performance, which helps reduce maintenance costs. 

      • It provides a healthy ride.

Our vehicles get exposed to dust and dirt daily, thus leaving you exposed to diseases and allergies. When used for car detailing, a steam cleaner helps reduce this exposure and reduces health hazards. 

Should you be steam cleaning your car?

Yes, steam cleaning is a safe solution for your car detailing. You have to ensure that there is no loose wiring, leakage or faulty connections. Using the incorrect amount of heat and pressure can cause damage to your car engine. That is why it is advisable to choose a professional technician to handle this process.

Why should you buy professional cleaning machines?

You might think that managing the cleaning process can be easy; however, buying professional cleaning machines can be a much better idea. 

In steam cleaning, if not done properly, can cause damage to your vehicle, such as improper maintenance of upholstery, erroneous use of steam cleaner, use of extremely harsh chemicals, lack of solvent knowledge, unable to use cleaning brush incorrectly, discoloration and over wetting of interiors. However a machine can make this process easy  and manageable. 

You can get yourself cleaning equipments from Steamaster for car detailing process which can be a best investment

Steam cleaners can work wonders for the car detailing process. For any queries for cleaning  equipment, visit Steamaster and get your issues resolved. We are a one-stop solution for your car repair, cleaning equipment and come with the benefit of instant, fair and transparent quotes.