3 Steps To Get Carpet Cleaning Clients

If you are tight on cash, content marketing is an effective way to get carpet cleaning clients.

Now, don’t worry. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to create great content and. By following a few tricks, you can have the phone ringing off the hook – even if English is not your first language.

Let me explain.

Find Out What Your Audience Wants To Know

The first step to getting a person’s attention is to find out what they want to know.

You can do this with tools like Google Keyword Planner or BuzzSumo. Both of these programs tell you what people are searching for in your area.

For example, if people search for ‘how to remove dog smell’, then you can write a blog post that includes those words. A title for that content may be “Top tips for removing dog smell from carpets.”

By answering the questions people are asking, you will find it easier to get attention.

Writing seasonal content is another excellent way to come up with a topic. It also raises the chances that people are searching for the same subjects at the same time.

Think about themed topics you could cover on your blog. For example, spring cleaning or prepping the walls for decking the halls.

As long as you don’t shove a sales pitch down their throat, people will appreciate the information. After they read your post, people will realise how much work it will be for them to try.

Create Your Content

Now that you know what content people want, the next step is to produce it.

There are many ways to create content for your carpet cleaning business. You can write a blog post. You can hire a freelancer on a site like Upwork. You could create a video, or get a friend to create a video for you.

The possibilities are endless.

Remember, people want information. They often do not care how you present it. So don’t worry for now if your content is not polished. You’re a carpet cleaner, not a corporation. People understand that.

One other thing: At the end of your content tell people who you are, what you do and how they can contact you.

Spread The Word On Social Media

The more places that people see your content, the better.

Repetition influences people. If they see your name over and over again, it will start to stick in their brain.

Getting carpet cleaning clients is a numbers game. The goal is to get as many eyes on your content as possible. So look for Facebook groups that target your area, and contribute your knowledge.

Check with a group administrator and offer to share some new insights to the page. If you act like the expert you are, people will appreciate you sharing knowledge. They’ll remember that later when they need to book a cleaner.

Don’t come in acting like a slimy sales guy. People will see right through the act, and your efforts will go down the drain.

But your new ‘friends’ will appreciate your candid tips. Those hints are like the entreés that leave them wanting more. Once you prove your stuff, they’ll be booking you for the full meal deal.

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