I started my own business in carpet cleaning not that long ago. I spent four years in university thinking about what I was going to do. I went out to the workforce and there was nothing there for me. I went to interview after interview and I was at Centrelink every other day. So I invested in some equipment at Steamaster. I found them online. I was pretty confused because there were so many different places, but once I actually got a hold of Tam I knew that this was the place to go. It’s got the best range of equipment and I ended up buying more machines than I could afford at the time, but with the amount of work that I’ve got at the moment, it didn’t end up being a problem. I absolutely recommend Steamaster as your first choice if you want to invest in carpet cleaning, especially if you’re a beginner. The people here are just so nice and friendly, they kind of just walk you through, they help you pick your machine… It’s very easy.


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