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Are You The Owner

Of A Cleaning Company &

Want to Expand Into

Carpet Cleaning?

Congratulations, you’ve recognised the huge potential in expanding your cleaning business by including “carpet cleaning services!”

And you’ve come to the right place in terms of getting the best equipment, chemicals & advice with setting up a carpet cleaning business

Steamaster is Australia’s leading provider of just about “EVERYTHING” associated with carpet cleaning.

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WHY Carpet Cleaning Is So Profitable If You Get it Right

Because almost ALL homes & office buildings have wall-to-wall carpeting, you have a HUGE market to tap into.

Whilst commercial clients want their premises to be spick n’ span, homeowners want to ensure that their carpet lasts as long as possible, given the investment they’ve made in it.




Pex 500 Carpet Cleaning Machine

1.5” x 13” Evolution Carpet Cleaning Wand with 2 Jets

Rotovac 360i Triple Jet Carpet Cleaning Powerhead 12″

Rotovac 360i Tile and Grout Cleaning Brush Head 12″

Vacuum Hose & Solution Hose Assembly 1.5″ 7.5m

PMF 3.5″ Internal Spray Upholstery Tool with Clear Head

Carpet Rake

Power Lead

Chemical Start Up-Kit

Comprehensive User Manual

Equipment Training (subject to location)

Here’s A Few Major Reasons Why Carpet Cleaning Can Be Very Lucrative:

  • It’s a reasonably smooth transition for you, given your existing business model.
  • Both the commercial & residential prospects are too busy to look after their own carpet cleaning & are happy to pay a professional.
  • Machinery & chemicals are relatively inexpensive (if you get from us!) – allowing you to enjoy a sizable “profit-margin”.
  • The “scope” for clients is WIDE – from homeowners to restaurants, medical centres, warehouses, retailers, educational centres, hotels, resorts, schools – & the list goes on!

Add “Tile and Grout Cleaning” to your
Services & Skyrocket your income!

There’s more tiles & hard floors in modern homes today – so take advantage of this!

More & more homes & offices are featuring tiles & hard floors these days – so why not take advantage of this & offer floor tile & grout cleaning?

It’s FACT that tiles & grout get dirty more easily than any other hard surface, so offering your cleaning services in this capacity can open up a whole new revenue stream for you!

Why let the specialist “tile cleaners” have this market to themselves?

We have the best tile & grout cleaning machinery available, most are manufactured in Australia & the USA.

Our floor & grout cleaning machines are perfect for all sorts of needs – corporate offices, warehouses, industrial premises & other “business locations” – where spotless floors are a priority.

And of course, there’s a HUGE market in residential homes as well – so don’t miss out on this lucrative opportunity to expand your business into cleaning tiles & hard floors.

Use our equipment across all types of cleaning…. AND MAKE MORE Money!

  • Kitchen Floor
  • Bathroom Floor & Wall
  • Around pools
  • Fabric
  • Upholstery
  • Tiles
  • Grout
  • Etc…


Commercial To Professional

Carpet, Upholstery Cleaning and Flood Recovery

Commercial To Professional

Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Grout Cleaning and Flood Recovery

Commercial To Professional

Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Grout Cleaning and Flood Recovery


We know it’s hard starting a NEW business – so we’re happy to help with providing “LOW INTEREST FINANCE” to approved clients!! This way, you can “hit the ground running” without the stress of having to find money!!

At Steamaster, we try to think of every possible way to make things easier for you!




As part of our exclusive “Business In A Box” opportunity, you’ll get access to “expert training” from Col Nation, Australia’s leading “carpet cleaning” guru.

Col holds online training courses, where you’ll learn HOW to become “an expert” yourself – in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning & advanced stain removal.

Remember, when you can promote yourself as “an expert”, your prices can be HIGHER, because most people expect to pay more for “expertise”.

So we are going to show you HOW TO CHARGE MORE for your services.

Get an Invaluable Bonus!




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Rating and Reviews

Jo Hughes
Jo Hughes
08:33 13 Sep 19
These guys go out of there way to help people , tam lee and duy Lee are legends fantastic guys 👍⭐️✨
Igor Stankovic
Igor Stankovic
11:33 13 Aug 19
I had a privilege to cooperate with Steamaster team on various projects, and can only say words of praise for their business etics and dedication. I can honestly recommend doing business with this more
Sarah Rhodes
Sarah Rhodes
08:50 05 Jul 19
Website navigation and purchasing the equipment I needed was very simple an easy! I had a question and directed it to the Steamaster Team and they were very prompt to reply and help me out. If you are looking for cleaning products/equipment I would highly recommend these guys!read more
01:30 29 Jun 19
Have been using these guys for a couple of years now and have been very happy with the price and quality of the solution hoses and other things I’ve purchased and most times delivered within the week, as I’m in Perth.Keep up the good work 👍Barryread more
steven pye
steven pye
03:17 05 Apr 19
Buying from Steamaster was best business decision I ever made the support, training and marketing help from these guys have given me and my team so much confidence. The machine is spectacular the carpets are incredible. I wouldn't buy from any were else. And when I don't know there always there for me or if they cant help they always find me someone who can help. This is not just a machine its the whole package and all the tools you need to grow. I traveled alone with machine for year but when I replaced it I got to meet the team and there always there for me. Steamaster we thank more
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