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Reviewed by Mark Symons on
STEAMASTER AustraliaSteamaster is fantastic. Bought a big kit from them as a small business, works great. They are very knowledgeable, quick to fix any problems and have solution. Special thanks to Duy, quick replys and answers about products and equipments.

Rating: 5

Floor Scrubbing Machines

The industry-grade scrubbers we offer at Steamaster are manufactured by Polivac – one of the globally acclaimed flooring specialists – for efficient tile and marble floor cleaning. We understand that you want to provide your employees with a clean, hygienic work environment.

Our floor & tile scrubber machines offer a convenient, and time-efficient cleaning method. For professional cleaning companies, we can provide advanced commercial scrubbers to help you deliver on your client’s expectations without fail. We offer a wide range of electric floor scrubbers to suit your individual business requirements.

Buy Electric Floor, Tile & Grout Scrubbing Machines for Sale

Steamaster is the leading supplier of floor scrubbing machines, tile & grout cleaning machines, tile scrubbers, electric floor scrubbers, electric floor scrubbers, and industrial floor scrubbers. They can be used on all kinds of floors, whether tiled, marble, or concrete. These machines are easy to operate and maneuver around spaces with limited access.

The powerful electric motor on these tile scrubbing machines delivers a high amount of torque to remove stains and grime from the floor completely. Steamaster provides top-quality electric floor scrubbers for cleaning requirements that are both urgent and demanding.

The machines that you buy from us for floor, tile, and grout scrubbing will come with a wide range of accessories. On purchase, you will also be given a comprehensive user manual to train your professional cleaners on how to efficiently use it.

Commercial Floor Scrubber for Sale – Carpet Cleaning Scrubber

Steamaster is the most trusted supplier of commercial floor scrubbers in Australia. We have been selling floor scrubbers to big and small cleaning companies for so many years that now we have established a niche reputation that is second to none. Polivac floor scrubbers are more efficient and affordable compared to their equivalent counterparts. We also provide lifetime technical support to ensure your peace of mind.

Commercial Tile Floor & Rotary Scrubbing Machines for Sale

It is important for you to choose the right equipment, and it is equally important for us to make sure that you get what you need. Steamaster offers a wide range of floor cleaning machines to choose from because we understand every cleaning business is unique in terms of how they operate and the kind of cleaning jobs they handle on a regular basis.

Grow Your Business by Using The Right Tile & Floor Scrubber Machines

The growth of your business largely depends on the choices you make every day. Being a cleaning professional, Polivac floor scrubber deserves to be your first choice. The floor scrubbers that we offer will look after your clients’ requirements and deliver excellent results.

Floor Scrubbers for Sales Online

Beautiful shiny floors are a dream of every household. And, when it comes to commercial spaces, clean floors are a must. It is a place where clients visit and meetings take place. Clean floors create an impression on visitors and increase the chances of a successful business. But, that is possible only with a professional company providing quality cleaning services.

If you are among the ones who are true to your business, then we have the tools for you. At Steamaster, we stock various floor scrubbers that are durable, compact and easy to use.

We have floor scrubbers for sale from recognised Australian brands like Polivac, which uses top-quality materials and systems to create products worth using. Right from the motors and control units to brushes and holders, every component in our collection promises quality cleaning.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new collection and order now!

Electric Floor Scrubbers at affordable prices.

For commercial spaces, time is the most vital factor. You can add a day or two when it comes to residential cleaning, but delay in any industrial sector has a significant impact on productivity and manufacturing. Thus, such spaces require a cleaning service that is effective and quick.

If you want to grow your business as per the industry’s demands, equip yourself with high-quality and innovative cleaning products that let you clean efficiently. Steamaster brings you an extensive collection of electric floor scrubbers that delivers powerful performance and clean the floors irrespective of the damage.

With easy controls, ergonomic design and a powerful cleansing system, these scrubbers remove the toughest of stains and grease from the floors. So, whether it is a tiled floor, a marble floor or a plain concrete floor, with precisely temperature-controlled scrubbers and quality solutions, you can clean any surface in a defined time.

So, shop for these quality electric scrubbers at the best price. Order online now and get it delivered to your doorsteps.


A floor scrubber minimises the manual effort required to clean the floors. It has a large scrub attached to a powerful motor that can be operated at different speeds depending on the type of surface you are cleaning. It removes stains from the surface as well as grime from deep within the grouts to give you shiny floors in way less time than it would take with hand and brush.

Steamaster stocks a wide range of floor scrubbers at every price point, for every need and purpose. Above all, customers love our after-sale support, which includes product training and service assistance.

The powerful electric motor on these tile scrubbing machines delivers a high amount of torque to remove stains and grime from the floor completely. Steamaster provides top-quality electric floor scrubbers for cleaning requirements that are both urgent and demanding. We are proud to supply floor scrubbers that are highly durable as well as versatile.