Grout is the filling between the tiles to keep the dirt and small debris out of the space and provide the much-needed strength to the floor. The floor seems to be getting dirty all the time and overtime grout also needs a thorough cleaning.

Although many people swear by the homemade concoctions with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for tile cleaning and grout cleaning, smarter ones have started to see the charm of the best tile cleaner machine lending the professional cleaning a new meaning. 

Steamaster offers a wide range of the best tile cleaner machines for homes and offices. These machines come in handy if you are looking to start your own floor cleaning business. With smart technology and the great price of these machines look no further. We provide a whole range of solutions for tile scrubbing, floor tile cleaner machines, and floor tile cleaners for professional quality cleaning that leaves your floor looking new.

The additional benefit of using the Steamaster equipment is that we have an extensive network of service centers spread all across Australia to aid your business and answer your queries if any as well as providing the much-required maintenance tips for your valuable machines.

These machines can also be used to clean carpets and other upholstery, which means an additional cleaning service for you to offer. Thus, the equipment in question offers value for money at already great prices.

Before you invest in professional carpet, upholstery, and tile & grout cleaning equipment, you should know about the process of using it-

Step 1. Choose a floor machine with a tile & grout cleaning brush. The brush in question should be vigorous enough to be able to clean the floor properly but at the same time, not aggressive enough to damage the integrity of the floor.

Step 2. Use a mild cleaning agent with a safe PH to clean the floors.

Step 3. Vacuum the wet and dry waste to clean it off the floor and then the clean water after rinsing the floor with it.

Above mentioned is a standard process, Steamaster provides required training as a part of the equipment package to grant you the much-needed expertise for your cleaning business. The said training is provided by a leading industry guru.

Steamaster also offers a wide range of carpet cleaner detergents that are effective as well as environment friendly. All types of upholstery whether it is made of wool or nylon can be properly cleaned with our upholstery cleaning products. These products can help protect the carpet from stains, spills, strong odor, body oils, and even atmospheric soils.

Although a regular vacuum is recommended for keeping the carpet clean, it is not enough. With time dust and grime build up on the carpet and it takes long before we can notice. For thorough cleaning use our carpet cleaner detergent which expertly takes out the stains without damaging the fabric of the carpet.