The floor and carpets spruce up the aesthetic looks of any room. Having any type of flooring and carpets or a combination of the same will only look good if maintained well and always clean.

When it comes to cleaning your floor and tiles, one needs to be very regular with the cleaning schedule. Also, cleaning with common household items all the time might not provide the required sheen and shine. It is advised that your floor should be cleaned thoroughly at least once every fortnight with a tile floor cleaner machine and using the best cleaning solutions.Similarly carpets should be cleaned every 2 to 3 months with commercial carpet shampooer to bring it back to life.

Cleaning Carpets:

Regular and methodical cleaning not only cleans the carpets and the rugs but makes it germ free and provides a life to the carpet. If you have the carpet cleaning machine, it will ease your job of cleaning the carpet. If you don’t have one, you can still do a good job.

To begin with, start with treating the stains with the help of good stain removal solutions. There are effective DIY methods that will help in removing the stains. It is best that the stain is treated as soon as you notice it. The longer the stain stays, the tougher it gets to clean.

Once the stains are taken care of, clean it with the vacuum cleaner. Read the instructions and use various extensions to effectively clean even hard to reach areas. Take the help of commercial carpet cleaning services for deep cleaning of your carpets and get rid of allergens every six to eight months depending on the traffic that the rug bears.

Cleaning Floors:

The first step is to prevent the floor as much from dust and grime build-ups. The easiest and the best way is to follow very simple steps and make it your habit of taking off your shoes outside, using doormats, and grooming your pets in open areas. This can only help you maintain the floors but regular cleaning is required.

You must clean the floor with a broom to remove the dust regularly and mop it maybe every 2 to 3 days. Treat the spills immediately. Know the material that your floor is made up of and deal with it accordingly.

It is recommended that ceramic and porcelain tile floors should be cleaned every two days. Sweep and remove the extra dust and use the wet mop to collect the minute particles of dust. Mix the floor cleaning detergent in water for wet mop cleaning.

Vinyl and linoleum tiles should be cleaned by sweeping with a broom to clean the dry dust. Floor should only be mopped with the manufacturer recommended solution to avoid damage to the tile texture.

Cleaning the marble and natural tile floors is also quite similar but you need to carefully treat the stains on marble. Also the cleaning solutions chosen should be with care as the acidic solutions can take away the natural shine of marble.

Conclusion: Cleaning regularly with the help of right cleaning solutions is the only way to keep the carpets and floors clean. Though the methods of cleaning the carpet and floor are mentioned above, vacuum cleaners have gained popularity in recent past as these can be used to clean both, the carpets and floors of any kind.