Cleaning the house is a meticulous task and requires complete attention and hard work to organize it and bring it back to life. Especially, if you have kids at home, the house cleaning has to be done more regularly. During lockdown, as we spend all our time at home, it is bound to get dirtier with more stains and dust.

The bad and dirty condition of the house may stress you out and at times you don’t know where to start from. I have tried to identify some ways that will not only make this laborious job fun but will ease your stress as well.

Play music while cleaning: Music is a sure shot way to elevate your mood. Start with putting your favorite music on, be it loud, soft, pop, jazz, or classical. Music will get your body moving and your focus will be more towards the tunes of the track while you move your hands for cleaning. Music will pep you up and cleaning can become fun moving and twirling your cleaning activity into dancing steps.

Phone a Friend: While you have been planning to call up your friend during the day, do it while performing the cleaning tasks. Put on a hands-free device and get connected with your friends and loved ones and leverage your multitasking skills. Be careful with your device to avoid damaging it with water.

Make it a workout routine: Cleaning requires a lot of movement, to and fro, lifting and carrying, climbing up and down, These activities burn a lot of calories. Strap a pedometer and note the steps you move while cleaning and convert the task into a workout session. This will boost your morale and push you to increase the number of steps you move creating a proper workout plan. The cleaning chores are also taken care of with fun and a sense of achievement.

List out the activities: A list of cleaning activities can help you divide the tasks to be done daily, weekly, and monthly giving you a sigh of relief. You can involve your family members by assigning tasks thus shedding your load to some extent. For example, kids can collect their toys and belongings and place them at the assigned place. This also inculcates the cleaning habits in kids and helps them stay organized.

Time your cleaning chores: By involving the family members, convert it into a competition to see who cleans the fastest. The timer can also help you aim at finding out ways to clean faster. Kids are good with coming up with creative ideas that will help the cleaning tasks be a fun activity for them and for you. It provides a sense of responsibility in everyone such that the house stays clean all the time. Rewards the winners on a regular basis, for example by treating the winner with their favorite meal.

Use of the right products and equipment: Do not save the penny on compromising on the cleaning equipment and right cleaning agents. For your weekly or monthly task of floor cleaning, use the tile cleaning products from Steamaster. Similarly, for your upholstery cleaning use the vacuum cleaner with the right upholstery cleaning products to keep the upholstery look clean and smelling fresh all the time.

Reward yourself: Though cleaning is a stressful and drudgery job, you ensure to keep it clean and in order. Do not forget to pat your back after every weekly or monthly task and reward yourself by pampering with what you like the most. For example, getting a massage after the complete house cleaning day.

Conclusion: Cleaning is a chore that is monotonous and a stressful job. At times it gives you a feeling of a part-time job with no pay. Don’t let this thought get into your mind and use the tips mentioned above to make it a fun activity. Above all, pamper yourself and reward yourself often to keep up the good job.