Although often overlooked, studies show that flooring condition decides the resale value of a property. Bad smell and stained or unclean floors signal poor air quality and lack of deep cleaning. It’s necessary to get rid of the deep-seated dirt in grout lines and the undersides of carpeted areas. A property can look good and be valuable only when it’s well-maintained and always clean. Keep reading to know how.

  1. Scheduled cleaning of carpets

A carpet is a textile floor covering that adds decoration or color to a room. Made of layers, available at many prices and quality levels, this piece of furnishing is prone to wear and tear, and a damaged rug can reflect badly on the property. 

No matter the carpet yarn, be it wool or jute, dust and soil can get into the fabrics of your rug. When sand, salt and regular soils reach the undersides of a carpet, they can kill floor appearance in a matter of hours if not dealt with promptly. Regular household cleaning removes the surface-level dust and dirt but fails to extract the grit and soil from the fabric. Professional cleaners have access to some best carpet cleaning machines that are much more than an ordinary broom or mop. Carpet is a soft material, and demands care to maintain its shine and the floor it covers.

  1. Deep cleaning of hard flooring

It requires a considerable amount of hard work to prepare a property you wish to sell down the road at the best price. One must employ professional cleaning services that use industry-grade equipment like a portable upholstery steam cleaner or a grout cleaning machine. Of all the other factors, properly treated floorings can make a big difference in increasing the value of your place. 

Regular cleaning of tiles, stone or hardwood floors can preserve their integrity and control the factors that cost more money. Deep cleaning is much more than just mopping the floors because it removes some deep-seated dirt and stubborn stains. Tiled floors, in general, require some occasional buffing and sealing to retain the shine. Abrasive cleaners and chemicals should be avoided on tiles and especially on porous marble floors to prevent causing damage to the flooring. 

Appraisers and evaluators follow a set checklist based on specific metrics. A clean and well-kept building or house is a step ahead when making an impression that can impact the overall appraisal. 

  1. Reducing dampness

Did you know that deep corners in your bathroom can have mold or mildew growth, leading to slippages and disease? The most common flooring is tile. Although easy to maintain, you should hire cleaning professionals for some troublesome, damp areas within the building or house. Expert cleaners disinfect, use the vacuum hose for the corners where germs accumulate, and leave your bathroom dry.


Floor cleaning and maintenance require a customized approach for different flooring types. One can’t use the same approach for all. So follow the above points to know how you can add value to your property.