If you intend to buy an upright vacuum cleaner, you should be aware that there are several factors to take into account.

More than you might realise, a vacuum can be used for cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment. No other household gadget in your arsenal can simplify your life like the appropriate vacuum.

Choosing the best cleaner can be challenging because there are so many options on the market!

However, this guide will help you choose the right one from a range of upright vacuum cleaners available.

Check its Power Capacity

Vacuum cleaners have motors, which are a feature and a requirement for their functionality. Depending on the type of cleaning you do, these motors’ performances can vary from one model to another. Typically, the motor of a deep-cleaning vacuum is more powerful, with a wattage of 1300 to 1800. They consume more energy and can produce more noise when compared to smaller options.

The capacity of a vacuum cleaner made for residential use ranges from 2 to 10 litres. Canister vacuums have greater capacity than hand-held vacuums because of their larger diameters. Models with dual cleaning capabilities allow for the storage of water waste in separate chambers (wet and dry).


All vacuums are equipped with a number of high-efficiency filters to stop the environment from being polluted by the dirt the vacuum releases.

The bag could be thought of as the initial element in collecting. A microfiber dust bag that is both tear- and break-resistant is often included with every “only dry” vacuum. Along with the bag, there are filters upstream and downstream that protect the environment from the suctioned dust and stop it from returning to the environment, respectively.

Sound Level

How do you pick an upright vacuum? You might want to use a low-noise vacuum for your comfort. However, take note of how similar they are on this front to one another. In actuality, soundproofing these small appliances is a challenging task because of their size. More precisely, soundproofing would add significantly to the vacuum’s weight and complexity. Alternatively, you may consider a dehumidifier in Sydney that may lower high moisture levels in a premise.

Don’t Overlook Features

You should opt for a vacuum cleaner with variable suction kinds that can be readily pushed over these surfaces if your home has carpets with varying pile thickness and varied floor surfaces. The better versions typically contain a dial that is movable and allows you to regulate the suction pressure.

Another important factor is the location of the controls. More controls are located on the handle of more expensive models than on the body of less expensive models.


Last but not least, take note of the extras that come with your upright vacuum. Just so you know, some items are optional and some are required. Typically, your appliance comes with a brush and a long nozzle. You can vacuum around edges and borders thanks to the long nozzle. The brush is employed to clean furniture without causing any harm.


Vacuum cleaners are one of those devices that, no matter what, make cleaning easier and less time-consuming. Take into account these suggestions and choose wisely!