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Starting A Carpet and Grout Cleaning Business

Tom: Right. Welcome, everyone. Today I’m gonna be interviewing Col Nation, the veteran of carpet cleaners. We are going to be discussing the topic, “How Much Can A Carpet Cleaning Business Make?”

Col, how long have you been doing carpet cleaning now?

Col: It’s gotta be around about 35 years I think.

Tom: 35 years.

Col: Yeah.

Tom: So, today’s interview’s all about getting the wealth of knowledge that Col has out of him. Giving you tips and tricks on how to start your own carpet cleaning business, how to succeed in it, and, we’ll try and get as much of those questions out for you.

So, Col, if I can start off. What kind of money can you make in carpet cleaning and how much time does that actually take? How much time do you have to do? Do you have to be working like crazy seven days a week to make good money?

Col: Okay. Let’s say for instance … we’ll talk in round figures.

Tom: Yeah.

Col: Let’s say you wanted to earn $100,000 a year. To earn $100,000 a year, you’ve actually gotta take a $150,000 because you’ve got about $50,000 in business costs. That includes your equipment leasing, fuel-

Tom: Yeah.

Col: … insurances, and accountant’s fees, and all the other stuff that goes along with it. So, $150,000, let’s say we only want to work 50 weeks of the year, have a couple of weeks off for holiday. And so, when we divide that out, it works out to about $3,000 a week.

Tom: Okay, how many jobs a day is that?

Col: Yeah, so $3,000 a week-

Tom: It’s $600 a day?

Col: Yeah.

Tom: How many jobs per day do you need to get to $600?

Col: Well, you either need one $600 job …

Tom: Yeah, obviously.

Col: You need six $100 jobs or two $300 jobs.

Tom: But on average, the kind of value of most jobs, what would you say? ‘Cause most people want to have their house cleaned. Let’s just take that as an example. How Much Can A Carpet Cleaning Business Make

Col: Yeah, to clean an average house full of carpet, you’re probably looking around a $300 mark.

Tom: Right.

Col: Yeah.

Tom: So, two houses a day. Two jobs a day can get you $600 a day. That’ll get you, literally for the year, working with two weeks off, that’s $150,000.

Col: Yeah.

Tom: With just two jobs a day?

Col: With just two jobs a day. How Much Can A Carpet Cleaning Business Make

Tom: That’s pretty good money.

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