Hi my name is Emaid. I run a business called Fine Shine Detailing. We do car wash and detailing services for car dealers. I started a business about 10 years ago and was fortunate enough to come across Tam and Steamaster about eight years ago. We’ve enjoyed a brilliant relationship. He runs his business like old-school, I guess: just good old-fashioned service. He’s always there… Always there to pick up the phone… Always there when there’s a problem. I’ve gotta say my experiences have been wonderful.

When I look back there are very little people that I’ve done business with for eight years straight and always been happy. We buy pressure cleaners from Tam… hoses, fittings. Whether it’s something small or something big you’re purchasing from Tam it’s never a problem. He’s always there with a smile.

We’ve had situations where he’s had to come out after hours and that hasn’t been a problem. I guess Tam – running his own business – understands the pressures that you have running your own business and he’s always there to help you, and I could not speak highly enough of Tam and Steamaster. They’re an absolute pleasure to deal with, they’re a joy to deal with, I love dealing with these guys and I’m glad that Tam is part of our business as well.