It is very important to maintain high hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitization in the workplace and make sure that proper cleaning supplies & tools are available to keep the employees healthy like hand soap, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, toilet tissues, and trash bags, and so on.

Commercial places require commercial-grade cleaning supplies that can remove even the toughest of stains and dirt. To ensure that all the efforts you are taking to keep your workplace clean show satisfactory results and the cleaning supplies you are stocking up are completely effective.

Using the below office cleaning supplies checklist you can make sure that your office looks clean and 100% germ & bacteria-free:

Chemicals for:

  • Powder Rooms – Washrooms need to be cleaned regularly, in some cases, twice or thrice a day. Bathroom cleaners for commercial uses are made to get rid of bacteria and disinfect areas that are mostly used.
  • Doors & Windows – Doors & windows require a different type of cleaners than the cleaning products for floors and other surfaces. They should contain a composition that effectively cleans doors & windows without leaving any streaks and maintaining their luster and shine.
  • Floors, Walls & Other Surfaces – Commercial floors, walls, and all the surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, tables, and chairs require a lot more maintenance than in residential properties. Make sure that you choose an all-purpose floor cleaning product and a huge quantity as you may use it to clean the surfaces multiple times a day.

Tools & Equipment:

  • Carpet Vacuum Cleaners – Commercial vacuums are more powerful than the ones used at homes and are manufactured differently than traditional residential vacuum cleaners. Carpet cleaner vacuum have a tremendous capacity for heavier cleaning, strong suction power, and can be used on any type of floor & carpet.
  • Commercial Floor Scrubber – Automatic floor scrubbers for commercial use are built to clean large spaces quickly. The powerful electric motor installed in the tile scrubbing machines produces a high amount of torque that helps in eradicating even the tough stains and grime from the floor entirely and thoroughly.
  • Carpet Steam Cleaners – Commercial carpets must be cleaned very frequently as they experience high-foot traffic. Carpets, rugs, and mats capture dust and debris when used often. Liquids and other dirt can leave behind hideous and ugly stains and foul odor that takes away the appeal of the space. Commercial carpet steam cleaners cleans everything from light-weighted dirt to heavy soil, absorbs up the bad odor, and the double brush rolls help suck even the deepest dirt out of carpets.
  • Upholstery Cleaner – The commercial upholstery cleaning machines make the cleaning of chairs, sofas, and other furniture easy by removing even the toughest of stains and dirt easily without much hard work in no time. The versatile extractor installed in our upholstery cleaning machines makes the job easy & quick to dry clean natural fabric and wet clean synthetics. Be it any size, shape, and material of the furniture, fabric panels, or oriental carpets, a good upholstery cleaner neatly cleans them all without causing any shrinkage or damage to the fabric or the texture.

Other Cleaning Accessories:

  • Cleaning Wagons – A compact cleaning vehicle that can be smoothly used inside commercial spaces is a necessity as it provides easy transport of the cleaning products and tools around a big property and saves manual effort & labor work.
  • Reusable gloves – As important it is to take care of your employees, you should also consider the safety of your cleaning team. Working with commercial-grade cleaning chemicals can be harmful if exposed to skin and hence, it’s essential to use good quality reusable silicone gloves, that are environmentally friendly compared to the disposable ones, to protect the skin of your cleaning staff.


There are all types of commercial cleaning products and equipment available in the market for all kinds of industries. Choosing the right kind of cleaning supplies and tools that will help you give effective results, ensure the hygiene of the workplace and the employees.