Carpets add a cosy feeling to your home. The beautiful designs, the intricate detailing, and the soft feeling of the fabric on your feet make them a must-have in the areas such as your living room and drawing-room. Everything with a carpet looks good, except when it gets soiled by various external elements. 

If you believe that vacuuming alone is enough to make your carpet look clean and shiny, think again. Only vacuuming cannot remove debris and dirt from your carpet, and you need to take extra care of it to treat all of them. The accumulation of pollutants, dust, and pet dander on the carpet trigger allergies, infections, and asthma. This situation calls the use of the best carpet cleaner product to sweep everything away. 

There are many benefits of using a professional carpet cleaner on your carpet. Apart from extending the life of your carpet and keeping it new, a carpet cleaner also helps maintain a healthier living. The stains are removed properly, which contributes to the overall clean feel of your home. 

Searching for the best carpet cleaning products to clean your carpet? Here are the best options to choose from: 

Bridgepoint Cleaning Booster Citrus Solv 

This carpet cleaner gives you a professional-grade cleaning as it comes with extra cleaning power. Even if your carpet has housed the toughest stains, this cleaner helps you get rid of them. The citrus fragrance of the cleaner keeps your home fresh for a long time. This carpet cleaner is free from alkaline, chlorinated solvents, caustics, and acids, hence safe to use. A little dab of the cleaner will keep your carpet clean for a long time. 

Bridgepoint Spotter Stain Zone Oxidising Stain Remover

This stain cleaner helps you remove some of the impossible stains from your carpet, that too without mixing. Whether it is mustard, furniture, oil, grime, or other stains, this product works effectively on everything, thereby providing you incredible results. It also targets other stains like pigments, tea, coffee, shoe polish, vomit, urine and cleans them effortlessly. The single product system doesn’t require mixing and works by removing, oxidizing, and making the permanent stains go invisible. 

Bridgepoint Bio Break with Citrus Solv Alkaline Powered Pre-Spray 

A preconditioning formula that cleans your carpets and upholstery to perfection – this product is worth all the hype. It targets the most stubborn stains, such as grease and oils, and cleans your carpet within minutes. Whether home cleaning or professional, you can use this pre-spray on your soiled carpets and achieve the best results. 

Research Products Fibresoft Pre-Spray 

It is yet another excellent pre-spray on the list. This high-performing upholstery cleaning system is specifically designed to ward off common cleaning issues such as change of colour, bleeding, shrinkage, and others. Apart from carpets, you can also use this product on automotive, domestic, marine, and commercial fabrics. 


The above-listed carpet cleaning solutions make your carpet cleaning easy. You don’t have to call professional service and splurge your money on getting them cleaned anymore. Buy these cleaners at the best prices and clean the carpet and upholstery yourself.