Best Carpet Extractor for Auto Detailing

Carpet extractor for Auto detailing

Carpet extractors are equipment specially designed to remove dirt, dust and stains from different kinds of vehicles. This piece of equipment uses water as well as suction for removing waste.

The main focus behind the Steamaster diverse range of professional cleaning machines, tools and equipment is to provide clients quality when it comes to cleaning solutions. The machines and tools are easy to operate and require minimum maintenance. 

A carpet extractor is a unique blend of three-in-one machines used as a spotter or extractor for cleaning hard surfaces and wet or dry vacuuming. These are best used for cleaning small carpeted areas, for cleaning hard surfaces or grouted tiles, cleaning upholstery furniture and car detailing, vacuum and extraction. 

Comes with a large tank capacity, these machines offer a wide range of details. You have many options to choose from, from portable carpet extractor for small detailing businesses to commercial or industrial extractor that works for detailing a large fleet of vehicles. 

This blog will break down some information about carpet extractors for Auto detailing before you invest in one. 

How does carpet extractor work?

A carpet extractor is an industrial device that allows you to clean and maintain your carpets and upholstery vehicle interiors. These machines make use of water and suction for removing waste. They consist of diverse kinds of tanks, one for holding clean water and another for dirty water. Apart from these two, many machine models are also equipped with a smaller tank that holds a cleaning agent. 

When hot water is used along with cleaning agents such as soaps, the dirt and dust get dissolved, which gets sucked by the extractor wand and transferred to the tank. Extraction machines make use of low moisture techniques, which means a shorter time is needed for drying.

At steamaster, we lean on ensuring that all our clients receive quality cleaning with our carpets and upholstery machines that can help in retaining shine and get your vehicle or carpet ready to use in just a few hours.

Best carpet extractor for Auto detailing

Carpet extraction is a process that works on maintaining and keeping the sustainability of carpets and upholstery interiors of your vehicle for a long time. Vacuuming and getting rid of stains are essential steps in the cleaning process. With a carpet extractor, you can take care of carpets and the upholstery interior of your vehicles with utmost care.

Importance of carpet extractor for Auto detailing

A carpet extractor for Auto detailing is an industrial device that allows you to get rid of dirt and dust from vehicles. The carpet extractor makes use of water and suction. Taking care of car interiors and exteriors is important to make it keep looking its best for years. 

The services range from vacuuming floor mats and carpets, vinyl cleaning, dressing, shampooing and leather conditioning services. The car extractor plays an important role in car detailing as it eliminates the worry of making any mistake that can cause damage to your vehicle’s interiors or exteriors. 

Following are the steps that are processed in car detailing; 

  • Vacuuming
  • Brushing and steaming cleaning
  • Glass cleaning
  • Leather cleaning 
  • Re-vacuuming and wiping
  • Perfuming

Why do you need a carpet extractor?

You might think it’s easy to do car detailing yourself; however, making use of equipments and car extractors can be beneficial in many ways;

  • It prevents any excess damage.
  • It helps extract all the dust and dirt from deep, easily extracted from the machine, thus avoiding health issues. 
  • It increases driving safety by cleaning exteriors efficiently and making surfaces more clear for visibility.
  • It helps in eliminating stains and odors. 
  • It helps in retaining the value of your vehicle for a longer duration
  • It helps in protecting the upholstery interiors of your vehicle

Is there any difference between carpet extractors and steam cleaners?

People tend to get confused about carpet steamers and extractors; they might be efficiently cleaning your carpets. Still, carpet extractor is much better at lifting and getting rid of stains in comparison to steamers. 

While steam cleaners use heat to get rid of stains and dirt, which otherwise is difficult to clean with cleaning foam and a brush, steam cleaning leaves behind muddy liquid, which gets lifted to the surface after the cleaning process.

Both of these cleaning solutions are effective and impactful; however, one of the reasons that carpet extractors give off is the effect they have on getting rid of dirt and dust. Steam cleaning, though, helps in eliminating germs and allergens. However, carpet extraction, not just get rid of germs, also works on removing stains. 

That is why many detailers choose carpet extractors, especially heated ones, for cleaning solutions. 

Heated vs. non-heated carpet extractors

Most carpet extractors run on heating elements and components, which is necessary for effectively removing dirt and stains. However, it can be pricey in comparison to other carpet extractor variants available. If your car cleaner often complains that your car is too dirty and requires scrubbing, choosing a heated carpet extractor should be preferred. The non-heating appliance works better for those vehicles that have less dirty carpets. 

Non-heated carpet extractor comes with benefits, such as it does not cause any discoloration or shrinking of the fabric. 

Both come with benefits and disadvantages; choosing which one to invest in depends on your needs and the cleaning solutions you need. 

Carpet cleaner vs. carpet extractor?

Distinguishing between a carpet cleaner and carpet extractor for Auto detailing is also essential; let us explore the difference between these two;

The key difference between these two is the rate by which both of these clean carpets. Carpet cleaners usually clean the surface while an extractor works in depth. If your vehicle is exposed to low public presence, then carpet cleaner would work. It can easily extract dirt, dust and stains, which can be challenging to get rid of. 

Carpet extractor soaps or shampoo?

For getting rid of stains more efficiently, you need the right products to work with carpet extractors. Usually, it is recommended to use non-foaming sprays for prepping the carpet before the cleaning process. There are many specific soaps and shampoos available in the market intended to be used for carpet cleaning. 

Soaps or shampoos?

No matter which you use, do ensure that they are safe for the carpet extraction process. That is why we recommend using soaps over shampoo for this process. The carpet extractor soaps are safe for the machines as they create less foam. Steamaster extractors come with detergent tanks that keep the whole machine clean.

While shampoos need more work before the cleaning process. Solvent-based shampoos must be pre-treated, so you need to get rid of the foam before using a carpet extractor. 

Would you need pre-treatments sprays for the carpet extractors cleaning process?

Usually, it is advisable to use stain removing formula before using the extractor. These products can be easily applied to stains, especially stubborn ones.

Why should you invest in Steamaster carpet extractors?

Steamaster comes with a diverse range of carpet extractors that are spreading their wings in the cleaning industry. Carpet extractors are needed not just for cleaning commercial properties but for everyday household chores as well.

Here is why you should invest in Steamaster carpet extractors;

  • They efficiently clean carpet areas that are soiled and have stubborn stains.
  • They are effective in extracting dirt and grimes deeply from the carpet
  • Steamaster Carpet extractors speed up the whole cleaning process thus, saving time. 
  • It requires less scrubbing to get rid of stains. 
  • They are best for those surfaces which are constantly in exposure to sand and dust.

Car upholstery cleaning machine

Steamaster offers car upholstery machines for dry cleaning car seats, carpets and interiors. 

The machine works as a spray suction vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with special accessories that can suck leftover dirty water while keeping your vehicle interiors clean and dry. 

If your vehicle does not come with window tinting, you are regularly exposing it to the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can become even more intense during summers. Exposure to heat can cause the interiors and exteriors of your vehicle to become damaged. 

The heat, rubber mats, salt and water erosion, can cause a mess even during winters. Car upholstery cleaning machines make sure to take care of this. 

High suction power, double stage electric motor, special accessories that cause good quality cleaning, affordable prices and keep your carpet, sofa, chair and vehicles upholstery interiors maintained.

Whether you need more information or are looking for booking equipment, we are just a click away. We are happy to assist you. Make sure to check out all our equipment for your cleaning needs.