You’re missing spots.

Many home cleaners miss out on business because they don’t offer carpet cleaning.

Steamaster offers incredible financing plans on the equipment you need to stop missing out on business.

We offer financing on a full range of affordable start-up packages to get you into carpet cleaning. And with the right package, you’ll also be able to clean upholstery, and tile and grout.

They’re some of the best tools in the business. We also toss in a free stain removal system and free training so you can clean like a pro in no time.

At Steamaster, we’re all about helping you get more jobs— and more for your money.

You’re already in the cleaning business.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get more business? If you add carpet cleaning, you will.

And your existing customers are a great place to start.

Steamaster can make it easy, with great financing on affordable start-up packages like these.

Getting into carpet cleaning?
Get this first.

At Steamaster, we know what it’s like to get started
in carpet cleaning, or add it to your existing cleaning business.

And what we know can help you.

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