Upholstery can be a lot of work. No matter how immaculate your client keeps them and how often you clean them, stains and dirt are likely to happen. In most cases, addressing it quickly can help remove the stains. But it’s not always the case. 

 Upholstery comes in different types, some more popular than others, and each type calls for the best upholstery cleaner machine and products for that specific fabric. This applies especially to stain removal. So, let’s take a quick look at the different upholstery types. 

  1. Synthetic upholstery
    Synthetic upholstery is easy to clean, as you can use just about any upholstery cleaner machine for cleaning the fabric. Since these hold water well, you can use water-based products without any qualms. In fact, if the upholstery is detachable, you can have them cleaned in the laundry while you clean up the other parts of the house. That said, before you start, it’s always best to test out a small area for any unwanted effects. 
  1. Natural upholstery
    Natural upholstery is slightly more tricky to clean. These are made of wool, cotton, silk, or linen and can be maintained pretty well with the best carpet cleaner products. However, washing is not the best way to clean this type of upholstery, as they quickly absorb water, leading to wicking and soil. Instead, go for steam cleaning the fabric and look at the manufacturer’s label.
  1. Combined upholstery
    This type of upholstery has both synthetic and natural threads. As such, they are durable and come in different varieties. Most homeowners prefer calling in professionals for cleaning this upholstery type, expecting expert care and cleanup. Therefore, you will need to buy carpet cleaning machines that can clean the fabric without damaging it. This way, you can clean the upholstery and make your clients happy with your work.
  1. Microfiber upholstery
    Microfiber upholstery is one of the easiest to clean and maintain. These are so fibre-rich that even the smallest area is dense with a lot of fibres, which results in dust and dirt never penetrating deep enough. Therefore, simply brushing the fibres and vacuuming the upholstery is more than enough to keep the fabric clean. However, when it comes to cleaning stains, you will need to look at the manufacturer’s label for instructions.
  1. Leather upholstery
    Leather upholstery is yet another easy fabric to clean. Usually, you just need to wipe the dust away for a clean and shining fabric. However, when it comes to stains, you will need to be extra careful by not using water or water-based products to ensure no further staining or corroding of the frame.

Upholstery cleaning is not as hard as it seems, provided you have the right equipment and products for it. Based on the type of upholstery your client has, the products you need will also change. Getting the cleaners based on the material ensures that you don’t destroy the upholstery and leave your clients happy.