Cleaning your home is a time consuming task and you have to fight tooth and nail by mopping, scrubbing your floors, carpets, upholstery, for good and satisfactory results. Juggling between household chores and office work is a painful story for every professional woman. It is difficult to manage the family, job, as well as house cleaning. If you are tired of trying to scrub your house for hours, then we have a few smart hacks for you that will make your life very easy.

  • Declutter

The very first step before you start cleaning your house is decluttering. Donate or throw away everything that you do not use or are not in good health to make some space in your house. The more you stuff things in the house, the more dirt gets accumulated and it gets harder to clean them.

  • DIY Tricks

You may know a lot of DIY tricks to clean your home but might feel lazy to apply them a lot of times. So here is a perfect solution that requires only a one-time effort. You know that baking soda, lemon, and vinegar give very good results to clean the surfaces. Get a spray bottle and make the mixture of lemon juice, baking soda, and water ready in the bottle. Spraying that every day will clean the surfaces easily without much effort and not let any grease or dirt accumulate.

  • Smart Cleaners

There are many powerful cleaners available in the market that give excellent cleaning results without much trouble or effort, better than the DIY tricks, such as carpet stain removers, upholstery cleaners, carpet & rug shampoos, tile & grout cleaners, disinfectants, etc. They are easy to use and effective in just one application.

  • Automated Cleaning gadgets

With the use of technology, you can get cleaning robots to do the job for you, while you can sit and relax. For example, you can get a carpet steam cleaner that can clean your carpet thoroughly and deeply and gives you 100% stain-free carpets & rugs sucking all its dirt and odor in no time. Commercial steam cleaning machines have become a very popular choice in many workplaces who require regular carpet cleaning.

  • Hire a professional

While this is an expensive option compared to the others mentioned above, it is useful for people who are out all day working and are unable to invest any time cleaning their house. There are a lot of affordable professional home cleaning services available, who keep offering good deals and discounts during festivals. If you take their monthly subscriptions that can help you save a good amount of money. And of course, you’ll get a clean and healthy home professionally cleaned.


Above mentioned are some of the best cleaning hacks that will bring back the lost shine of your beautiful house instead of you burning the midnight oil. You can save your time and efforts with these hacks and rather use that time to watch your favorite movie or read a book that you have wanted to read for a long time.