Carpeted homes look grand and they have a very warm feel to them. Especially in cold climates, carpets in various hues can add a different touch to the whole decor. But to maintain them is a tiring job. Unless you are vacuuming every day and the carpets are in darker colors so you cannot spot the stains too easily. Thanks to carpet steam vacuum cleaners, those with expensive carpets have some help at hand. In case you live in warmer climates and are looking for alternatives to carpet, we got some economical and easy to maintain options. Read on to know how you can create pin-worthy flooring within a budget.


Linoleum sheets are made from natural fibers. They last long if maintained well. It can be a budget friendly option to carpets as it requires less maintenance and upkeep. It is water resistant so it is easier to clean and durable in places with heavy footfalls. The sheet laminates are better than planks or tiles as it rules out any gaps for the moisture to seep in. All you need to upkeep the linoleum flooring is use a good floor polisher to maintain the shine and texture.


Rugs are just smaller carpets for specific areas where you actually want the floor to be covered. You can use rugs to save your floors from sofa legs which can leave dents and marks permanently. Rugs can bring together the elements in any room and give a perspective to the entire decor. You can place rugs or mats near the doorway to keep the dust from shoes coming in the house, add a rug to your bedroom so you dont step on cold floors when you wake up. Rugs in intricate designs such as traditional, or modern art, fur and jute rugs provide a lot of options for you to explore when decorating your space.


Vinyl sheets are another smart alternative to carpets as they are water resistant and can be wiped clean. Easy to walk on especially in houses with pets, Vinyl is basically a layer of PVC sheets over a layer of felt which is why they feel so soft. You can add a layer of cork to your vinyl sheets to increase the bounce. Vinyl is a great option due its capacity to remain cool in summers and warm in winters. Cork does not require insulation as it is the same material used in heated floors. 

Mosaic Tiles

You must have seen those patterned tiles with beautiful designs on them. Those tiles are known as mosaic tiles as they come together to form a big piece of art right on the floor. They are back in trend with the scallop or fish scale designs, gold lacquered between designs for a majestic feel to it. Mosaic tiles make you feel like you are walking in a palace ballroom. Moroccan designs on mosaics in various prints of flowers and geometric patterns can be used creatively in the living room to uplift the entire space. You wont need much interior decor when there is so much going on in the tiles. You can use them in the bathroom floors too as they are water proof, scratch resistant, they do not heat up in summers and are ideal for those prone to allergies.


All the above alternatives can be used in combinations too depending on the sort of interior design you may have in mind. Lay out a plan, make a pros and cons list of what suits your lifestyle. A practical decision for your house will ensure you dont spend a lot of money and time on the maintenance.