Cleaning the floors requires effort and strong cleaning agents. If you have a big space to clean, large devices can cut this effort in half. You do not want to spend all weekend cleaning the floors or listening to the annoying machine sounds when it’s on. Carpets gather dust, mites, bacteria, microbes, pollen and other free moving radicals from the air. If you have pets, then pet hair, pesky creatures that befriend your pet’s skin can really make it absolutely necessary to thoroughly clean your carpets. Floors made of marble, granite, stone or slate require regular polishing and scrubbing to keep them shining. We bring you three products you must own for your flooring.

Stain Remover

No matter how many times you vacuum your carpets or scrub your floors, some stains like wine on light-coloured carpets, rugs and marble, blood stains, coffee, tea or pet stains aren’t going to vanish. 

For such unforeseen times, you will need a strong stain remover that can effectively work on that particular blot without spreading it to the rest of your floor. There are very few stains that a commercial stain remover can not work on. All you need to do is pour some stain remover liquid on the spot, leave it on for some time, ideally 15-20 minutes depending on the stain and then wipe it off with a clean cloth. 

Carpet Cleaning Machine

These machines are specially designed for deep cleaning carpets as compared to vacuum cleaners. Carpet cleaning machines can suck out dirt, debris, dead skin, hair, pet hair and dust that has settled deep into the fibres. They are built to clean as well as polish the carpets for a thorough cleaning as the carpet cleaning machines with brush are quite effective. To counter the problem of allergens which only gets aggravated with carpets as they absorb any element quickly, a machine designed to sanitise the carpets by removing traces of microbes is essential.

Industrial Scrubber Machine

When it comes to large industrial settings with vast carpet areas, an industrial scrubber can be a boon to save labour and time. This machine is battery operated. There is a solution tank inside the industrial scrubber machine. The squeegee has a brush attached to it which can spin to scrub the floors with and without the cleaning solution. If the floors aren’t that dirty, you can just use the scrubbing function once while in case of stains, you can use the double scrub setting for a thorough cleaning.


Technology serves to make life easier with such cleaning appliances which minimise human efforts. Get yourself these cleaning machines to ensure that your house looks and feels comfortable, hygienic and polished at all times without you having to put too much effort or time into it. Consider space, carpet area, the type of fabric and flooring laminates or original material of your floors. The scrubbing machine is not suggested for wooden or moisture-sensitive surfaces. Similarly, some stain removers can only be used on certain carpet fabrics. We hope you have a fair idea for cleaning your floors efficiently with the above suggestions.