A messier room is an open invitation to dust, germs, allergies, grime, etc. and makes it difficult to find your stuff when required. Cleaning, decluttering and organizing it on a regular basis not only makes life easier but provides the required warmth of your personal space.

Dividing the task into a daily, weekly and monthly schedule ensures a neat place all the time and makes the complete process of cleaning a breeze. Allot some time of the day specifically for cleaning and follow the below mentioned steps to make cleaning faster and easier.

Pile up the scattered items: Collect everything from all the corners of the room that is scattered and is not at its assigned place. For example, scattered clothes and books, electronic accessories, etc. and make a collective pile on your bed or your couch. Pick up all the used utensils like coffee mugs, used plates and keep in the kitchen sink or dishwasher for washing.

Gather your cleaning and storage supplies: Gather all the items required for cleaning and storage boxes and bins for small items that you will sift later from the pile you have made. The basic cleaning items are:

  • Dusting cloth and a solution
  • Wiping cloth, sponge
  • Clean cloth or a microfibre cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner,broom, mop
  • Laundry basket
  • Cleaning solutions for cleaning the floor

Clean the empty surfaces: Wipe all the empty surfaces of your table, beside stools, shelves, etc. with a clean microfibre cloth to remove dust and stains. Use good cleaning solution to remove the coffee stains, liquid and food spills. Cleaning the surface after placing the items will leave the surface half dirty.

As the floor is now clear of the clothes and other items, vacuum the carpets in the room. On a monthly basis, you must assign a time slot to shampoo your carpet or rugs, small or big with a good carpet shampooer. Removing dust and keeping it germ free is very important for its fresh new look and your good health. In case your room has corner to corner carpet, you should the best carpet cleaning machine along with a good carpet cleaning solution, at least once in a month or a month and a half.

Clean your floor with the dry mop or broom, as per your surface, once in every two days to remove the dust that might have seeped in with your footwear. Use the wet mop to clean the floor once a week. Upholstery, curtains are the areas that are neglected the most are most susceptible to germs. Cleaning the same with the upholstery steam cleaner once in two to three months will keep the room dust and allergy free along with providing that shine to the room.

Arrange and organize: Segregate the items from the pile that you collected and keep the at their designated places. Put all your laundry in the laundry bag and finally remove the trash.

Final Touch: The last step is to make your bed as it now free of all the junk and pile. Straighten the sheet, tuck it tightly to avoid any wrinkles when you sit on it. Arrange the pillows and blanket and look at the your finished room.

Conclusion: Being diligent not only make the cleaning job a breeze but gives you warmth of your personal space to spend your “me”time or pursue the hobby of your choice. Once you are done, you would love your room and this will motivate you to stay organized.