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Reviewed by Mark Symons on

Steamaster is fantastic. Bought a big kit from them as a small business, works great. They are very knowledgeable, quick to fix any problems and have solution. Special thanks to Duy, quick replys and answers about products and equipments.

Rating: 5

Upright Vacuum Cleaners – Buy Commercial Vacuum Cleaners at Affordable Prices

At Steamaster, we know just how essential Windsor Upright Vacuum Cleaners are for keeping carpets and floors as spick and span at all times. They are easy to use and maneuver around tight spaces. Not only are they extremely efficient, but come in a range of affordable prices as well.

Types of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Here at Steamaster, we have a variety of commercial models to choose from with special features to make cleaning tasks even easier. Depending on your specific need as well as preferences, our collection of cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. These vacuum cleaners’ on/off switch is located on the handle, which means vacuuming is now (literally) at your fingertips.

Commercial Vacuum Cleaners for Sale

Windsor Upright Vacuum Cleaners use powerful motors to suck dirt from carpets and floors. They are also highly manoeuvrable and can clean even hard to reach areas. These lightweight upright vacuums can be operated using one hand while letting you lift cushions, carpets and furniture with the other hand to effectively clean underneath them. Windsor vacuum cleaner would be the perfect choice for those who want to get their carpets and upholstery cleaned with minimal effort and time.

Buy Upright Vacuum Cleaners

The upright design certainly gives you an edge while cleaning around different surfaces. The adjustable handle gives you the perfect angle you need to keep your back straight while operating this machine. Further, the upright design can be adjusted to achieve a flat, linear design that allows for quick and efficient cleaning underneath beds and similar kinds of furniture.

These vacuum cleaners are suitable for a variety of floor types, including carpet and hardwood surfaces, making them the ideal choice in the workplace or home setting.

Windsor Commercial Upright Vacuums on Sale

Designed for heavy-duty carpet cleaning tasks, our vacuum cleaners at Steamaster shake the carpet fibres to release dirt and grime that is quickly sucked up to leave your carpets clean and free of allergens. This commercial vacuum cleaner has a powerful suction to pull out deep-seated dirt and even tough grime from the fibres to leave your carpets looking their best.

Buy Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners Online from Steamaster

Our vacuum cleaners are priced highly competitively. We can ship your order to any part of Australia, so don’t waste any time and place your order now! If you’d like to have speak with someone who could help you to make an informed choice, do give us a call to have all your questions answered. Our team would be only too glad to help in any way possible.

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