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The 3 Big Reasons You Should Consider Launching Your Own Carpet Cleaning Business!

Congratulations for “thinking about” setting up your own carpet cleaning business!

It truly is a potential life-changing decision – where you get to enjoy the autonomy of running your own business without having to slave away at a 3 year Uni Course.

You also have the opportunity to “work on your own terms” and enjoy the benefits of “being your own boss!”

Following are 3 big reasons why Steamaster believes you should consider starting your own carpet cleaning business.

1. Because You Don’t Need Any Formal Qualifications

Let’s face it, in today’s high-tech world, most business-types require either long-term training over months or years – or tertiary education (University or College).

The great thing about “carpet cleaning” as a business model is that you don’t need formal qualifications or long-term training.

And with Steamaster’s assistance, the great news for you is that you can start your carpet cleaning business virtually immediately and hit the ground running!

There aren’t too many other “business models” where this instant revenue possibility is available!

2. If You Find The Right Supplier, You Don’t Have To Invest A Lot Of Money To Start!

If you were looking to buy into a franchise, there’s every likelihood you would need to find $50,000-$500,000 for the appropriate franchise or license.

Just ask anyone who has invested into a franchise operation and you’ll quickly learn that the “franchisors” normally charge an upfront fee in this vicinity (big fast food chains even more!) and then claw 5-10% commission on sales thereafter.

In the case of “carpet cleaning,” you can start your business virtually tomorrow given Steamaster’s “Business In A Box” start-up package!

We provide you with equipment and training valued at around $10,000 and you only have to pay $97 per month over a 24-month period to get started straight away!

Think about the incredible value of this!

All you need to do is make an initial payment of $97 and you’ve got your “Business In A Box” ready to start making money!

3. Just about everyone needs carpet cleaning!

The great thing about this business-type is that almost everyone needs carpet cleaning, whether they are a home owner or commercial business owner.

We all know that people don’t want to be embarrassed by dirty stains on their carpet or upholstery – and therefore a carpet cleaning service is always top-of-mind for most home and business owners.

In terms of “business owners,” you know that accountants, dentists, doctors, retailers and every other business needs regular carpet cleaning – so your “target audience” is wide and hungry!

Indeed, imagine creating a relationship with real estate agents, who need carpet cleaning services regularly when they are getting properties ready for “new rentals!”

In short, “the sky is the limit” in terms of potential for this industry and speak to any carpet cleaner and you’ll find that they enjoy the luxury of having a wide residential and commercial audience.

And of course if you deal with Steamaster for your equipment and chemicals, you get the bonus of complimentary membership of our Marketing Blueprint which provides you with access to advertising templates for Facebook ads, letterbox brochures, press advertisements, radio ads and much more!

So when you deal with Steamaster, you truly get a “Business In A Box!”