The 3 Easy Steps For A Home Cleaner To Add “Carpet Cleaning” To The Business!



The 3 Easy Steps For A Home Cleaner To Add “Carpet Cleaning” To The Business!

How would you like to be earning an average of $75 per hour instead of $35 per hour?

It’s easy and straight forward when you decide to add “carpet cleaning” to your services!

If you’re like many “home cleaners,” you could be currently leaving money on the table by not offering “carpet cleaning” as a service.

It’s a service which goes hand-in-hand with general cleaning and it allows you to enjoy a much better financial return, because the average carpet cleaner charges $75/hr instead of the normal home cleaning $35/hr.

So we’ve created this Free Report to showcase the 3 easy steps for you to upgrade your suite of services, so that you can possible double your hourly financial return!

1. Find A Supplier Who Can Advise You On The Right Equipment

It’s important when you decide to add “carpet cleaning” to your inventory of services, that you determine specifically what you wish to offer your customers.

Do you want to do just carpet and upholstery cleaning – or perhaps carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning?

You also need to consider if you are going to stick with residential customers or will you be servicing real estate agents and commercial offices?

And perhaps at this point, you haven’t even thought that far?

Therefore, it’s important that you speak to an equipment supplier who has experience in the industry and can point you in the right direction.

Steamaster has over 20 years of experience in providing advice to carpet cleaners and we can help you decide which particular services will make you the most money and be the easiest to facilitate.

We’ll show you the “fors and againsts” and recommend the industries you should target.

We have a “Disney-type philosophy” of serving our customers, not selling to them.

After helping you determine your “target audience” (commercial and/or residential), we’ll then provide you with our suggestions regarding equipment.

And we also provide a personal one-on-one demonstration if you’d like to visit our Sydney office.

2. Find An Equipment Supplier With Flexible Finance Options

One of the scary things for home cleaners who consider expanding their services to include “carpet cleaning” is understandably finance for extra equipment.

Let’s face it, from time to time, we all think about ways to expand our business and make more money – but finding the money to do this is often a real concern.

Sometimes the bank manager might decide that the business owner is not a good risk and therefore declines one’s request for finance.

Other times, the finance package may be too expensive.

Well the good news is that Steamaster understands this industry better than anyone and now offers flexible finance options for purchasing your equipment.

Steamaster can structure the finance to meet your requirements (because we know the cash flow situation of home cleaners better than most!), and therefore can help you select a finance option that gives you payment terms that suit your situation.

You may prefer to have payments weekly, fortnightly or monthly – and Steamaster can facilitate this for you.

Imagine being able to add “carpet cleaning” to your existing services and therefore doubling your hourly income – virtually straightaway!

At Steamaster, we are a one-stop-shop where you can get your equipment, chemicals and finance all under the one roof!

You can also enjoy exceptional customer service and the largest range of carpet cleaning equipment and chemicals in the Southern Hemisphere!

And of course, our professional advice in terms of “how to run your carpet cleaning business” comes absolutely free!

3. Get Expert Help With Equipment & Carpet Cleaning Training

Whilst one may think adding “carpet cleaning services” to an existing cleaning business might be a really simple add-on, there are a number of speed-bumps if you don’t get the right advice.

You’re possibly thinking, “This will be a piece of cake, as my regular cleaning background gives me a perfect entrée into carpet cleaning.”

Whilst this may be true in theory, “carpet cleaning” is somewhat an artform in itself and you should seek out professional equipment training and carpet cleaning training.

Guess what – WE provide such training FREE!

There are all sorts of considerations you need to be aware of when getting into the carpet cleaning business – and the great thing about dealing with Steamaster is that we have an easy to follow “join-the-dots” training service for both equipment and carpet cleaning.


We provide you with training videos for:

  • How to use your equipment and chemicals effectively.
  • How to maintain and get the most out of your equipment.
  • How to overcome any common problems when using your machine.
  • The do’s and don’ts of carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning, leather cleaning and stain removal.
  • How to make the most money out of carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning.

Hopefully this Free Report provides you with the sort of things you need to consider if you are contemplating adding “carpet cleaning” to your services.

We believe that you should definitely think about doing this, as there are wonderful benefits from adding such a service to an existing cleaning business – the main one being that you can make a lot more money!

At Steamaster, we’re here to assist you in adding “carpet cleaning services” to your business in the smoothest possible way so that you will start making more money really quickly!

And there’s one more exciting bonus that comes with having a relationship with Steamaster – we provide an incredibly valuable Customer Attraction Marketing Blueprint – a swipe file of adverting templates for you to use!

Imagine the benefit of having templates for Facebook ads, letterbox brochures, direct mail letters to commercial prospects and much more!

All you need to do is add your ID and contact details to any of the ads and you’re ready to go!

As you can see, Steamaster truly is a one-stop-shop and is unique in the Southern Hemisphere for our equipment, chemicals and advisory services!

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