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Road Sweepers

Are you looking for a Road Sweeper that can tackle the toughest city cleaning jobs? Do you want a sweeper that cleans with both ease and efficiency? Here at Steamaster we offer a line of Nilfisk road sweepers that can handle any job you may have. These road sweepers are known for their compact size and strong suction air flow and can clean any sized area with ease.

Road Sweepers are indispensable components of any urban cleaning team. Not just for city streets, these amazing cleaners are also appropriate for other smaller outdoor areas such as parking lots, loading bays, sidewalks, footpaths, and pavements. 

Steamaster offers an exciting selection of Nilfisk Road Sweepers that are designed to make heavy-duty city cleaning a pleasure. What are some of the features that make these Nilfisk sweepers so popular with cleaning professionals? Well, all of these Nilfisk sweepers are built with compact frames that make them incredibly easy to handle and manoeuvre on any type of street. Powerful suction gives these sweepers the power to handle large objects like bottles, stones, cans, and most other kinds of urban debris. Finally, rugged construction gives these sweepers durability, and that means years and years of reliable service. 

In addition to the above features, these sweepers also have extremely quiet operation and large windows for clear visibility, both important factors for cleaning equipment used in city areas. A DustGuard system helps to eliminate annoying airborne dust, and the Nilfisk RS851 model can even climb steps up to 17 centimetres. 

With all of these helpful features, isn't it time for your company to consider purchasing one of these Road Sweepers? Call Steamaster and let their helpful staff get you on the road to more efficient, more reliable cleaning.