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Floor Scrubbers

If you're looking for a Floor Scrubber that is easy to handle, then Steamaster has just what you need. Our Floor Scrubbers are durable, compact, and do everything from carpet shampooing to hard surface cleaning. At Steamaster, our line of superior ride-on and walk-behind Scrubbers are built to perform year after year. Let Steamaster help you find the right Scrubber to fit your cleaning needs.

Rotary Floor Scrubbers

Rotary Floor Scrubbers & Floor Polishers

Rotary Scrubbers should be an important part of any commercial cleaning team. These incredibly versatile machines strip, scrub, and polish a wide variety of surfaces such as vinyl, marble, terrazzo, and more.  If you're thinking about purchasing a Rotary Scrubber, Steamaster has a large selection of machines from trusted brands like Polivac and Truvox. 

Floor Scrubbers should be durable and efficient. They should be able to handle any carpet or surface cleaning job. At Steamaster, cleaning professionals can rest assured that they will be able to find a Floor Scrubber that has features and capabilities to suit their unique cleaning needs.

There are different types of Floor Scrubbers available here at Steamaster. Customers may opt for models that can handle large floor cleaning like those from Nilfisk. Nilfisk Floor Scrubbers have the ability to clean and dry floors all in one pass. They are built to a high specification with quality components to ensure that they last to perform for a number of years.

Professionals in need of height adjustable Scrubbers should look into our Polivac range. Easy to manoeuver, and able to handle floor cleaning tasks of any size and nature, Polivac Floor Scrubbers make a valuable investment. They are equipped with balanced scrubs to ensure the most thorough cleaning and also come with sealed and oil-filled gearboxes.

There are also a number of Windsor Floor Scrubbers to choose from. These machines are made to handle the toughest floor cleaning jobs and have amazingly low operating costs. Windsor Floor Scrubbers are designed with low operational noise levels, making them perfect for cleaning in noise-sensitive areas, and come with unique pre-set cleaning settings so that cleaning tasks are completed to a consistently high standard each and every time.

Truvox Floor Scrubbers also make a great choice. With advanced cleaning power, these Floor Scrubbers will effectively clean any hard floor surface, and will leave them dry and ready to walk on within minutes after cleaning. The ability to simultaneously wash, mop, scrub, and dry floors in one pass, makes Truvox Scrubbers one of the most versatile cleaners on the market. They are ideal for commercial cleaning and here at Steamaster, we have a range of some of the best models.

The selection of Floor Scrubbers that we supply here at Steamaster come from well-established manufacturers such as Nilfisk, Windsor, Polivac, and Truvox, and will guarantee fast and effective cleaning, whatever the cleaning situation. Our objective here at Steamaster is to help our customers find the most reliable and efficient cleaning equipment possible. We offer an extensive inventory of Floor Scrubbers to fit the exclusive needs of any business and cleaning professional.