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SERIOUS Drain Cleaning Machines and Equipment To Keep Up With Any Drain Cleaning Need

Steamaster's line of high pressure Drain Cleaning Equipment makes cleaning sludge and debris from sewer and drain pipes a breeze. All of Steamaster Drain Cleaning Machines can be custom built to suit each customer's unique needs.

Overtime, drains and pipes become clogged with thick dirt, dust, and grime. Keeping these drains and pipes clear and clean is integral to the proper functioning and maintenance of sewerage systems. Having the right Drain Cleaning Equipment at hand will ensure that the task of clearing drains is completed with efficiency and ease, and here at Steamaster, we have the right equipment and machinery for any drain cleaning need.

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Drain Jetters, High Pressure Drain Cleaning Machines

High Pressure Drain Cleaning Machines, Drain Cleaning Jetters, Sewer Jetters, Water Jetters, and Jet Blasters are used by cleaning professionals to blast away built up sludge, dirt, and debris from sewer and drain pipes. These types of machines are the perfect choice for contractors, professionals in the building industry or for the cleaning needs of local councils. At Steamaster, we know that cleaning requirements vary from business to business.

Drain Cleaning Nozzles

Drain Cleaning Nozzles

No drain or sewer cleaning professional should be without a good Drain Cleaning Nozzle. When used in conjunction with a powerful jetter, Drain Cleaning Nozzles have the ability to literally blast through tough grease, heavy debris, and even stubborn roots.

Tired Cleaner "I had the privilege to get to know Tam from Steamaster some years ago before I left the carpet cleaning industry. It was refreshing to learn there is someone honest and completely authentic in the carpet cleaning industry who is in the game to help and assist the little guy. This might be the reason for the rapid growth of his company.

There is very little I miss about cleaning however there were some good memories in my time spent with Steamaster.

Hope all is well Tam,"
- Markus Mab

Tired Cleaner "Steamaster are the best cleaning equipment supplier Australia, I was hesitant to purchase a new machine from interstate but steamaster have unparalleled customer backup and service, not only did I get a great price but dealing with Tam and his team was a pleasure, this is how a customer based business should be run, thanks Nick the Carpet Cleaner"
- Lynda Hamilton


Tired Cleaner

"This guy is amazing Tam Le your a legend. Thankyou for years of honest efficient service and most of the machines you have sold me are still going today"
- Peter Foulcher

Tired Cleaner
"We, at Bankstown City Council, have three Steamaster high pressure water cleaning units operating and are satisfied with their effectiveness and reliability. We are very happy with the level of service that has been provided, especially when this has been out of hours.

We have also been impressed with Steamaster’s willingness to make the extra effort required when the application is not quite standard.

Best regards,"
- David
Humphreys Management System Coordinator
Bankstown City Council

Tired Cleaner

"Blacktown City Council has purchased cleaning equipment from Steamaster product range during last 24 months since 2006 in seven occasions. Steamaster products are found to be of high quality and staff is found to be honest about their products both in terms of quality and service. I admire their attitude towards the customer, which I think is remarkable in current profit driven and short-sighted sales era.

Blacktown City Council’s service staff are highly satisfied on the speedy service from Steamaster in spare parts as well as in other after sales support work. So far, there has never been any instance of breach of trust built between Steamaster and Blacktown City Council thanks to Steamaster’s sales philosophy which I have found a little different to other similar suppliers I have come across in this field.

In my opinion, flexibility, honesty and reliability are Steamaster’s strengths and I hope the reputation Steamaster have earned so far with Blacktown City Council will be maintained in to the future as well. I feel very comfortable in dealing with Steamaster due to the positive attitude of their staff and the high quality of their products that comes with extremely reasonable and competitive prices.

At Blacktown City Council, I have no hesitation to deal with Steamaster in terms of high pressure cleaning equipment and their related accessories even into the future. I can without doubt recommend Steamaster as an excellent supplier to deal with.

I am certain that Steamaster is not there for the short-haul and I wish them all the success."
- Manjula Wettasinghe
Senior Engineer - Plant & Equipment
Blacktown City Council

Tired Cleaner

"Penrith City Council decided to Purchase the Steamaster Buster Pressure Cleaner after getting quotes from three suppliers for different models and brands this unit and others were tested and the staff preferred this model because it’s robust design and with a 3000psi pressure output gives exceptional performance.

This unit has a stainless steel diesel fired 3 year warranty heating coil with water safety switch and is on LGP 508 which would allow a straight purchase however we chose to test the market.

Steamaster’s staff member come to the Kingswood Depot to demonstrate this model and provided a good service however the unit after purchase was delivered to the Depot Store for us to install and it would have been handy to assist with commissioning the unit matching hoses and fittings and providing the safety manual which you emailed through to me.

It is working well and I trust will work trouble free for many years.

- Ken Myhill
Fleet Co-ordinator
Penrith City Council

Tired Cleaner

"At Randwick City Council we were looking for a better, faster service and more convenient and that the location was close. After checking with Steamaster referees we decided to do business with them. Their service has always been excellent, very fast and efficient, with further follow-up to make sure that we were fully satisfied with their service.

I will have no hesitation in recommending Steamaster to anybody because I always felt that Steamaster always put their customer first, making sure full satisfaction and always following-up.

Furthermore I think Steamaster has been very flexible with time when providing service and always understand the urgency of the job and it’s been a pleasure working with Steamaster every time.


Kind Regards,"
- James Behjan
Supervisor Waste Management Services
Graffiti Management
Randwick City Council


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